Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018, Sam Ezersky and David Steinberg

7:35 (FWOE)

Looking for a TOPTIER puzzle from the youth movement in the NYT crossword? Look no further.

It was a fun romp through this puzzle. I finished with the one square I was unsure about, and guessed wrong at the crossing of INGEMAR and RTE. I guessed O, but in retrospect, 10D: "1" preceder: Abbr. could only have been the E. That's definitely my least favorite point of the puzzle, objectively speaking. I'm really not biased by the fact that I guessed wrong. Really.

I love the middle crossing of 33A: Product whose original slogan was "It floats" (IVORYSOAP) and 20D: Chewy, fruity candy (GUMMYBEAR). My first thought for the latter was Starburst, then Skittles. But I got there soon enough.

I'm also a huge fan of LACONIC and BILIOUS. What wonderful adjectives. I also very much enjoyed 1D: Left without leaving anything (STIFFED). Great clue.

I found the two longer answers a little less interesting. PTAMEETINGS is nice to see in a full sense, as opposed to the ubiquitous "PTAs" or other answers. But aren't they just incredibly boring in real life? And 24D: What's far-sighted? (SNIPERRIFLE)... well, I'd rather have fewer guns in America if possible.

My only other complaint is 53D: 45-Across divisions (ORE). I know we long for new definitions for timeworn crossword answers, but that makes me SADEYED.

- Colum

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  1. 15:15
    Luckily I sussed the RTE thing once I had the RT_ in, but I agree that was not a shining part of the puzzle; I mean, INGEMAR? I recently read a Wright brothers biography, so DAYTON went right in. I've never been to any PTAMEETINGS, but I'd assume they're tedious. PAISANO is great, and even SMALLOJ didn't get a groan from me.