Saturday, May 5, 2018

Saturday, May 5, 2018, Damon Gulczynski


The theme today seems to be excellent horizontal fill. In the long spaces where we might expect to see associated answers we have:

ENDLESSLOOP (24A: Code violation requiring an emergency exit?)
ISAIDGOODDAYSIR (37A: "Take a hike, bub!") - I'm hoping this was the seed entry for this entire puzzle. I just love the answer, but the clue seems a tad informal. I might have preferred something more along the lines of "We're done here!" But still, I like it.
HIGHFALUTIN (49A: Fancy-pants)

Those are all fun, interesting, and somewhat unusual answers. And crossing them we have more high-quality material in GOHALFSIES (4D: Split the bill, informally) (Solving over here in the Netherlands, I thought immediately of "GOdutch," but, alas, it was too short. And perhaps too formal?), PARABOLA (26D: One with a focus in mathematics), and WHYIOUGHTA (31D: Vague threat from a Stooge).


ENDTIMES (11D: Revelation subject) was fun (fun?) (I prefer the term "end days"), and DIGERATI (12D: Tech-savvy group) is also amusing, but perhaps only because it reminds me of a MENSA-related episode of The Simpsons that includes the line "Let's make litter out of these literati." Hah!

In the "... well, maybe that's ok" category I include SPUMED (1D: Made bubbles, as an ocean wave), SOREHEAD (38D: Poor sport), ADOZE (65A: Catching some Z's), and MONAD (20A: Single unit). I accept those (and ENTR') for all the rest. Great clues for ITCH (37D: Target for nails?), OBS (60D: Delivery people, for short), and POGO (14A: Comics character who says "Having lost sight of our objectives, we redoubled our efforts"). Boy, what would Walt Kelly think of the political situation today?! Happily, we have this daily diversion to take our minds off of the news of the day, if only for a short time.

- Horace


  1. 9:53
    Tried foaMED at first, which was tough because I immediately wanted POGO at 14A. And BTW, as much as I love Marisa Tomei (especially as Aunt May), I'd have preferred a nod to Mr. Walt Kelly's work. A lot to like, but I have to call out both ADOZE and AGAPE. The latter is certainly a little more acceptable. Not to be a SOREHEAD or anything.

  2. 14:37
    Record time for a Saturday, I'm pretty sure. ADAM (5A Leader of a long race?) is well-done, and INNIE went right in, as did HYDRA, SPUMED (thanks to SNUG and POGO), and, really, everything. This seemed a tad on the easy side, no? I'll get behind the TOMEI decision.