Saturday, May 26, 2018

Saturday, May 26, 2018, Peter Wentz


Well, this one went along pretty smoothly. I think I got started up in the NE, with DENADA (18A: Literally, "of nothing"), BIN (27A: Trash holder), and, believe it or not, NERTS (22A: "Dagnabbit!"). Those three allowed me to correct my incorrect entry of "IVewon" for 16A: Election Day declaration (IVOTED). First of all, does "Election Day" really need a capital D? And second of all, is this Election Day? Because I sensed a micro theme with 35D: Question pundits discuss after a presidential debate (WHOWON) and DEM (36D: Certain voter ID).

I enjoyed the surprise when I finally got KEEL (23A: Bottom of the sea?), and REELIN (61A: Not leave at the end of the line) took me forever to parse correctly! DOTGOV (30D: End of a presidential address) was entertaining, as long as you didn't accidentally think about the president, and THELEGOMOVIE was, indeed, a CROWDPLEASER.

I liked HOMEROW because it is about typing ("Typing" has turned out to be perhaps the most useful course I took in high school), but when I learned to type, we used the term "home keys." And I've never heard of OMELET station. Is that a thing at a hotel breakfast buffet? "I'm going over to the omelet station to see if they can just make me a couple of fried eggs." .... My favorite clue today is 43D: It's perfect (UTOPIA). It's perfect!

- Horace


  1. 11:19
    Great puzzle. I busted in with AZT and POST, then leading to AMAZONIA, but it wasn't enough to break the rest of the corner. I really got going in the SW corner. My favorite there, of course, is 37D: Intimate practice done at a distance (PHONESEX). Nicely done. I also liked WHATSAPP and SNAPCHAT in the SE corner. How about the unexpected ESTRUS for 41A: Heat?

  2. 16:08
    Yes, Election Day does need the captial "D," just like Labor Day, Veterans Day, MLK Jr. Day, Valentine's Day, etc.

  3. 18:07
    I've been to a few OMELET stations, often seen at breakfast buffets. And I agree with Colum that PHONESEX was the best answer, and somewhat unexpected, although UTOPIA does run a close second, as does STARBASE. PLAYTHEPONIES is also excellent, even though it's something that I never plan to do. Very smooth puzzle.