Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday, October 12, 2018, Erik Agard and Bruce Haight


Grid art today makes for a themed themeless of a sort. There is a very realistic representation of a LIGHTBULB in the middle, with WHATSTHEBIGIDEA riding right across the top of it. I've been trying to decide if THATISTOSAY and NOWLETMESEE are part of the theme as well, but in either case, I love the colloquialisms.

The NW corner was the last to fall for me, although in retrospect it doesn't seem that crazy hard. In particular, I should have been able to get 22A: "Awake in the Dark" author (EBERT). I'm sure I've seen that exact reference more or less in the past. Similarly 20A: Bathroom or beach supply (LOTION) is pretty obvious now.

Meanwhile, 31A: [Don't you think you're milking it a bit too much?] (MOO) got a serious groan from me. Wow, that's a lot of work for the pun. Is the question mark in the clue actually a clue question mark, indicating the pun? Can we call this a hidden question mark clue then? I like that idea.

Meanwhile, 3D: "Hope" and "Friendship," for two (STATEMOTTOS) is great. I'd never ever heard the term ECHOBOOMERS before, but the term's been around since 2004 at least. Apparently Millenials have similar demographic characteristics to the Baby Boomer generation.

I am impressed by the smoothness of the center section, especially crossing IRAQWAR with CONQUEST ("Mission accomplished," Dubya pronounced prematurely).

A fine puzzle. Nice work, gentlemen.

- Colum


  1. That is neat, the way the Q is in the exact middle.

    I agree that LOTION fits but I had tOwels there for a while, which I had to abandon for ATTN.

  2. Illuminating commentary Colum. Didn’t take a shine to our MOO pun....but thanks!

    1. Oh Bruce, on the contrary! It was a genuine groan, just the kind of reaction you should have to a great pun. I loved it. Sorry that didn't come through.

  3. 20:38 (FWOE)
    I liked this one. Loved that clue for FLOAT (Drink with a straw), and I liked seeing my guy TED Baker in there! His people made me some nice shirts!

    The JABBER/yabber thing got me. Gotta learn those capitals!

    1. And yeah, that MOO clue had you all over it Bruce! :)