Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tuesday, October 2, 2018, Paul Coulter


Today's theme combines two one-word movie titles to match jokey clues. My favorite is Melted? [2018, 2012] FROZENONCE. Typing in those years just now, however, makes me think I've jumped to the wrong conclusion about the theme. The answers can't be movie titles because I'm fairly certain Frozen came out before 2018 [I just checked IMDB. It came out in 2013. -ed.] Maybe the titles are Broadway shows instead of movies. It just goes to show that I'm more OSCAR than Tony.

The solve went right along (I didn't even really take note of the theme until the end), but for some reason, I had trouble with 44A "Dapper fellow" where it crossed with 29D "Star Yankees 3B for 10 seasons." I should have gotten DAN, but I'm not sorry that it took me a while to think of AROD. I also entered DEFang instead of DEFUSE at first (Render harmless), which slowed me down in the south east.

Bright lights, for me, include the sewing duo BASTE and DARNS. I also enjoyed FIG (Worthless amount), RIGOR (Severity), and AFOOT (In progress). LUNGE, MOCHA, STRETCH, and DOOFUS rise above mere square fillers.

"Carte that comes before the course?" (MENU) was an amusing clue for menu. I also liked both "Ne'er-do-well" and its answer BADEGG. My favorite clue today was "Fall setting" (EDEN) - ha!

By Hannes Grobe - w:de:User:Hgrobe [CC BY 2.0 de (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/de/deed.en)], from Wikimedia Commons
I might have left ISMS, ISP, USNA, SIRI, and READE waiting in the wings, but I'm sure that in puzzles as in theatre, the show must go on.


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  1. 7:27
    I didn't love the theme, but I did enjoy the things you pointed out, as well as the excellent language name TAGALOG. "Boondocks" is great. Maybe I should learn a little TAGALOG. Maybe there are more great words that I could bring over...