Friday, October 5, 2018

Friday, October 5, 2018, Robyn Weintraub


ANDWEREOFF was an apt kickoff to a fun puzzle. In view of my time, perhaps a little on the easy side for a Friday, but also, therefore, even more apt. Apt!

I did get stuck for a bit in the north east. For some reason I started with gETARECORD ("More than just won") instead of the correct, and more natural sounding, SETARECORD. I also spelled "'Family Ties' mother"'s name with an "a" at first, leaving me scratching my head over gI_a for "It's where it's at." As you might imagine, 13D: "Roger _____, fifth chief justice of the Supreme Court didn't help me much. Anyhoo, I finally got gET out of 11D and reconsidered the spelling of ELYSE, and, Jack, as they say, was a donut.

Another factor in speed may have been that many of Ms. Weintraub topics were right in my wheelhouse with "Vulcan telepathy technique" (MINDMELD), "Like a code anyone can use" (OPENSOURCE) and "Bring to the boiling point" (ENRAGE). :)

Some real MONEY clues and answers today:
"Props for a Broadway play?" (TONY)
"Time, proverbially" (MONEY)
"King maker" (SERTA) - I think I was helped by Sunday's mattress-filled puzzle on this one.
"One who's got game ... but shouldn't" (POACHER)
And my favorite (clue, not meal): "Military leader known for being chicken?" (GENERALTSO) - ha!


By Gokudabbing - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 
A few NENEs today including AOL, TALI, RTE, and ATTN, but nothing to WIG out about. 

Horace and I are getting our LANTERNS out of STOWAGE today in preparation for a camping trip this weekend during which we will GAD about Vermont. Watch this space for tomorrow's review from the road.


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  1. 9:52
    Cute DAB photo. Ahh, little PERSONs...

    I thought this was a fun one, too. The ten-stacks in the NW and SE are both quite good.