Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday, November 30, 2018, Robyn Weintraub


Ms. Weintraub is quickly becoming one of my favorite constructors. This puzzle was a delight! Right from the first clue (a gimme, for old people like me) 1A: "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" singer, 1972 (CROCE), I had a good feeling about it. In fact, the first three answers went in like it was a Monday, but after that I needed several crosses before the excellent HOLDMYBEER (13A: Modern phrase said before doing something foolish) became clear.

Good clues were everywhere today.

15A: Coping mechanisms? - SAWS
20A: One might tell you to do the math - TUTOR - Hah!
22A: Warm and toasty, e.g.: Abbr. - SYNS
54A: Employer of some shepherds - CANINEUNIT
12D: Message that might be sent in a storm? - TWEET
47D: Plastered - GONE 

I also appreciated the updated clues for STYE (16D: Possible reason to forgo mascara), CHE (24D: Jost's "Weekend Update" co-anchor), and even EGOS (31D: Bigwigs may have big ones).

And then there was all the sparkly fill:

EMPTYNESTERS - 5D: They may have rooms to spare
NANNYSTATE - 11D: Overprotective government, so to speak
ACOLYTE - 23A: Follower
ABBEYROAD - 30D: "Something" can be heard on it
COINOPERATED - 21D: Like many laundromat appliances

I'll take a little OLIN, ELIE, and TCU for all that puzzling goodness.

Loved it.

- Horace

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  1. 7:06
    Yes, this was crossword construction at its best. I like how from W to E in the SW you get: FIRSTDANCE followed by SAVETHEDATE followed by EMPTYNESTERS. Life in a nutshell.