Monday, November 12, 2018

Monday, November 12, 2018, Kathy Bloomer


My compliments to the chef for including a full complement of silverware in the COMETOTHETABLE theme. Each of the theme answers includes a unit of the traditional place setting for a meal. The clue "Expression of disgust in Valley Girl-speak" was a real blast from the past. I thought first of "grody to the max" but that didn't fit, so I rummaged around in the old back file and came up with (GAGMEWITHASPOON). Talk about PASTS. The spoon's companion on the right side of the plate is GOUNDERTHEKNIFE (Have surgery). That's one I'd rather LEGO of. But, on the left side of the plate we have STICKAFORKINIT (Declare something completely finished), which, as an expression, entertains me.

I enjoyed the overall international flavor of the grid's filling. We have PELE, SOU, SST, RAJAS, WOK, NOVA (Scotia), CHAI, LAGO, IGLU, ETATS, OBIS, NYET, and EURO. 🙂 I also noticed a healthy dose of vitamin K.

I think it's interesting that such a pleasant seeming expression like "Give the glad eye" (OGLE) denotes an inappropriate action.


I thought "Like some noses and egg yolks" (RUNNY) was kinda gross, but overall, the cluing was solid and fully satisfying. A real square meal, you might say.



  1. 3:28
    Amusing theme, although I'm not sure how COMETOTHETABLE describes the presence of the items in question, but maybe that's just me. I liked DONTASK and WHOKNEW.

  2. 3:27 (Hah!)
    Colum, would you have preferred a revealer about a plate? Anyway, I didn't think twice about it.

    I enjoyed PUTONAIRS and KEELSOVER as odd puzzle-symmetry mates. DONTASK/SUCKERS is another nice such pair.