Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday, November 9, 2018, Robyn Weintraub


With CLOWNCARS (1A: High-occupancy vehicles?) at 1-Across, you know you're in for some fun. Right below it, with no question mark, is the equally amusing TREEHOUSES (14A: Some high-rise constructions), and the answer below that - RETROGRADE - made me think back fondly to "The Cosmic Muffin." Anybody else remember him dispensing astrological "wisdom" on the radio? Good times.


Yesterday I applauded the inclusion of "dabba," but today's AMSCRAY (41A: "Vamoose!") is way, way better. 55A: Ones who find it difficult to go out? (INSOMNIACS) was clever, TOURISTTRAP (10D: Times Square, you might say), alongside GLASSCEILING (20D: Breaking it might be cause for celebration), run through by CONESTOGA (29A: Pioneer mover) (great clue) and 27A: Touchy sort? (MIDAS)... that's some quality puzzling right there, I tell you what.

And there's almost no glue whatsoever. I didn't know CREEL (46A: Fishing basket), but that's not the puzzle's problem. TIAS (10A: Madres' kin), being a foreign language plural, might bother some, and SEANS (28A: ____ Bar, Ireland's oldest pub, dating to A.D. 900) is an odd, plural-looking possessive, but it is elevated by the deep trivia clue. CURAD is a brand name, which we sometimes detract for, and SIE is German (Horrors!), but really, this is an excellent puzzle. They call it a "themeless," but really, the theme here is quality entries... So many. So good.

- Horace


  1. 11:32
    Yes, this is an outstanding puzzle!

  2. 6:59
    TAUNT and TEASES. FOLIAGE is excellent (22A: Leaves). WHOGOESTHERE! So excellent. I would probably detract for PREK a little, but not much. Strong work!