Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wednesday, November 14, 2018, Sam Trabucco


Today's theme is a hair raising adventure - lit'rally. The circled letters in the theme answers increase from a single bristle - the B in BFLATMAJOR (Key for five Mozart piano concertos) to a full face of whiskers in the revealer, GROWABEARD. The middle theme answer BEAARTHUR amused me in this context because I've always loved the old line, "almost like a female Bea Arthur." Ha.

I am a big fan of PJS, both as fill and as indoor attire - you know who you are. I also liked FALSEIDOL, "Big do" for FRO, and BEERHAT (Drinker's party headgear). I thought RIBBITS was great. I don't usually look at XWord Info until after I finish writing the review, but I looked just now and it's a first appearance for RIBBITS, along with 12 other firsts. Now that's fresh. :) Other fun fill included THATGUY (Fellow you don't want to be, in a phrase) and OHJOY ("How wonderful!," sarcastically). TYRANT for "Bad, bad boss" struck a chord - you know who you are.


Perhaps IRAIL, RESEAT, UTE, and RTE are more mutton chop than imperial, but they're not bad enough to make your hair curl.


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  1. I spent more time than I'd care to admit trying to fit "dubya" into the Potus#43 space, no idea why it took me crosses to find GWB.

    Sorta wanted "aws" (Amazon Web Sevices" for the cloud provider (IBM being a smaller player than Microsoft or Google). But I shouldn't overthink how deep into a particular industry a crossword clue will go (unless that industry is popular music or movies, that is).

    Finished with one error on BEYOiRSELF - iBAHN sorta seems plausible but of course if I had proofread the across better I would have found it.