Monday, July 22, 2019

Monday, July 22, 2019, Lynn Lempel


As I began to write the review today, I wished I had a fairy godmother to ENDOW me with REMUS of ideas, or a genie who could ADOS things for me, or at the very least, have Rumpelstiltskin show up and turn this review of straw into gold for me, but alas, IRA OUT a luck.

While I was unable to conjure the straw-to-gold spinning imp myself, if one combines the first part of each of the four theme answers (RUMMAGESALE, PELICANSTATE, STILTON, and SKINNYDIPPER) his name magically appears. Besides contributing part of the answer to the question WHATSMYNAME, each of the theme answers is excellent in its own right. I especially liked the clue for SKINNYDIPPER (One barely in the water?) - ha!

I'm SERTA that any and all denizens of the fairy kingdom would also appreciate other fantastical fill like mushroom CAP, a "slippery" ELM tree, anything PONIED, and the mythical beauty, EUROPA. There be PERILS, too, including a STOVE, a CREEP, a DARE, plus RATS and a PIPE. Oh my.


Well, there it is, today's review. I really OPED it would end better, maybe with something along the lines of "And they all puzzled happily ever after," but I am afraid I am less perfect than LORE.



  1. 6:37
    I put opel in where AUDI belongs down in the SW, which slowed me down a little, but the rest of the puzzle CREEPed along just fine, as is typical for a Monday. Sue loves a RUMMAGESALE, and looks forward to the Curtis Lawn Sale (not an exact example of the former, but it'll do). IDIOTPROOF is excellent, as is the word DISCERN. And who in their right mind doesn't love BISECT, or an ETUDE? Thank goodness for the NYT, otherwise there would be no decent Monday puzzles for us.

  2. 6:55 (paper)
    Frannie, I gotta say, I like your style of review. We all use the idea a little at a time (see Huygens' comment above), but you carry the bit all the way through.

    Also, I appreciated the deep TNG reference at the end. :)