Saturday, July 13, 2019

Saturday, July 13, 2019, David Steinberg


MAUIWOWIE, this was a tough Saturday themeless, just what one looks for while sitting on the porch of a lake house in the Catskills. And what was the name of the lake, I hear you ask? Why, yes, it is indeed Lake Wanaksink. Apparently the first K is silent.

Anyway, I enjoyed working through this grid. The struggle was real, certainly. How about 1D: Jet popular in the 1960s and '70s (NAMATH)? That's the kind of clue that makes you work. Meanwhile, 2D was an immediate gimme, also on a plane, in a sense. And that, as much as anything else, led to my drinking problem...

I love IXNAY, just a great word. 54A: 200-milligram units (CARATS) was tough. I would never have defined HITHER as "not so far away." And is the plural of EMOJI also EMOJI? In that case it joins the rare company of "moose."

But more to the point, it's lovely in the Catskills, let me tell you. Unfortunately, I was not able to go kayaking on the waters because I'm on call, and I was worried of going out of cell phone range. But I did get a lovely swim in. I am all in favor of the rules on this lake that don't allow outboard motors or diesel engines. Quiet and clean is good.

Oh, right, I'm supposed to be talking about the puzzle, NESTCEPAS? For some reason it took way too long to get this answer. I loved 34A: Vacation souvenir, perhaps (TANLINE). I don't love ENROBE or 7D: Rough up, in a way (PAWAT), which really feels incorrect both morally and definitionally.

Anyway, overall a good challenge. Let's do more puzzles this week, SHALLWE?

- Colum


  1. 24:15 DNF
    Well, my time would be much longer, but I gave up down in the south and used the reveal feature! Sure, somewhere is the recesses of my brain, I had heard of "INDIEGOGO" and maybe I could recall "CANDYGIRL" having seen 'Jersey Boys", but things just wouldn't click, "N'EST-CE PAS". (about the only thing I did get right away!)
    Thankfully, I remember ol' Broadway Joe and have "heard" of Maui Wowie...small graces in a tough puzzle!
    Loved the taco truck photo - and your write-up was right on! Thanks!

  2. Untimed, on paper
    This didn't take me too long (probably around 40 minutes). EYECUP, ARCANE and ANIMAL took me the longest (I tried mamMAL where ANIMAL goes, slowing ARCANE a bit). Nice to see the LARCH (No. 1) and MAUIWOWIE. The pace throughout was steady, but I needed most crosses for NESTCEPAS and INDIEGOGO.