Monday, July 8, 2019

Monday, July 8, 2019, Ned White


I don't want to be a BOOR (but maybe secretly I do, and just never give myself the chance), but this kind of puzzle is just not that exciting to me.

First off, who calls Proctor and Gamble PANDG? If you Google the phrase as entered in the puzzle, you get the full corporate name (and by the way, points off for the corporate angle here), and then you also get P&G, which shows up in the corporate logo (did I mention points off anywhere here, because of the, you know, corporate thing?). So there's that.

Then, it's great that there are eight examples of two word phrases with the initials PG. That's a ton to squeeze into a 15x15 grid. So points back on for that. I don't love PARTYGIRLS ("sorority types?"), but the theme answers are a reasonable set. But still, there must be so many examples of this pattern. Here's a better theme idea: PG-13. All theme answers have to be 13 letters long, and follow this pattern. That would be more interesting. And since I am not constructing puzzles, I don't need to do the legwork that would prove the idea unworkable.

And finally, PROLOGUE is the obvious ninth theme answer. Prolo Gue. You know.
I used to love BENNY HILL as a child, but now it strikes me as mostly unpleasant stuff
Well, since almost all of the longer slots are taken by the theme answers, there's not much else to acknowledge today. Except for 6D: An emoji may suggest it (MOOD). That surely is a mood. Like the mood I am apparently in today. Oh, and GOONY. That is something that nobody has said ever.

- Colum

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  1. 6:09 (FWOE)
    I was never a fan of BENNY/HILL, but quite a few of my friends were. Amazing how young he looks in that photo. And we Deadheads are all familiar with GOONY Birds from the '80s; they're probably not around too much any more. My error came at the VIDI/LENDL cross, where I tried a "t," to no avail. PANGRAVY is my least favorite themer. I mean, who doesn't love PARTYGIRLS? Odd that POINTGUARD is above GOALIE (I know they're from different games, sports people). And speaking of sports, am I the only one that never heard of Oksana BAIUL?