Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday, October 13, 2019, Erik Agard

The theme today is re-imagining lines from movies to fit various professions. “There’s no place like home” (Wizard of Oz) becomes the favorite movie line of a SOFTBALLPLAYER, and “Go ahead, make my day” (Dirty Harry) for a SCHEDULING COORDINATOR. At first, it didn’t wow me, but when I mentioned, “I wish I knew how to quit you” (Brokeback Mountain)  (ITSPECIALIST) to Frannie, she laughed out loud. Still, I thought, “I’ll have what she’s having” (When Harry Met Sally) for EPIDEMIOLOGIST, was a little … CACAO?

And speaking of misparsing answers, a notable aspect of this puzzle is its KTWO quotient. A few years back, the entire editorial team of HFFDTNYTCFCA was together solving a puzzle and after completing it, we struggled to understand KTWO as an answer (“Kitwo? What is kitwo??”), until finally realizing it was K2 spelled out. Today, Horace read IMANAGE (Humble expression of capability) as “I’m an age.” ERMINE was misparsing ISAWIT as the confusing “Is A Wit” for “Witness’s attestation.” OOPS.
These are a few of our favorite things:
“Things you might take a spin in” (TUTUS)
“Stick-y pad?” (NEST)
“Matrix character” (DOT) (Not Neo!)
“Caesar’s ‘I’” (EGO)
“Cyclop’s ‘I’” (IOTA)
In the immortal words of a laundry detergent spokesperson - That’s All folks. Now it’s time to LOWPH around.

- Horace & Frannie

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  1. 32:43
    Good theme. TUTUS was excellent, and I like the side-by-side flowers (PRIMROSE/HYACINTH). I also love PULSARS, which is probably not surprising to too many. I tried neo down there at 105D at first, but corrected it INTIME to finish without errors. I was thinking of Roxann Dawson, not ROSARIO, but I had to add an "e" to the end to make it fit, and then the crosses just wouldn't work. Also, I've never heard of WANGARIMAATHAI, but that's quite a string of letters to fit into a crossword.