Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Wednesday, October 16, 2019, Peter A. Collins

23:47 FWOE

It seems to me that it has been a long AISLE since we've had a quip puzzle. I got a kick out of it.

The quip took a while to take shape for me - I had to crane to figure it out - possibly because I worked from the bottom up. I began to see the outlines of it in the south west and center, where, thanks to some straightforward clues, I got what I thought was a good start on Part 4 of the quip, but then I hit a wrinkle. With the letters INTERESTIN staring me in the face, I made a guess that the next letter would be 'g'. Derp. Once I got rid of the 'g' and considered other options, I was finally able to iron it all out. Here's the compleat quip:



I FWOE'd at the 32A/26D cross. I entered Cuz for "Reason why not,"  which I did change to COz when I got CLOT for "Artery problem" - even though COz seemed weird - but, I didn't know "Filmmaker Riefenstahl" and I decided that LEzI was an okay name. But it isn't. Add German film makers to the list of topics I have to bone up on.

Anyhoo, there were plenty of other dimensions to this puzzle. I enjoyed:
"Back-comb" (TEASE)
"Full of promise, as an outlook" (ROSY)
"Instance of psychological trickery" (HEADGAME)
"Accepts, as an argument" (BUYS)


In addition to the straight-up solid clues and answers listed above, there were several clues that took it to the next level:
"Prepare to get a hand" (ANTE)
"What someone might make a stand for?" (TACOS)
"Classic story in which Paris figures prominently" (ILIAD)
And my favorite, "Letters from down on the farm?" (EIEIO) - LOL.

Overall, tuckin' awesome. :)



  1. 4:38
    Fun quip puzzle, and you know I'm not a big fan, usually. I had CLOg for a few moments, but the quip set me right. As usual your review is highly amusing.

  2. 13:40 (FWOE)
    My error came at the TUTSI/DUPE cross, where I tried an "o." I, too, enjoyed the quip when it finally came in, and tried a "g" where Frannie did at first, but most everything ended up working out fine. Nice that the DEATHSTAR was featured, and everyone loves INCUBI. ADDAMS is current, although I don't expect that I'll see the new movie any time soon, and that's the best clue for ILIAD I've seen in a long time. I tried wAiL at 1D at first, but finally figured out that 1A is BEACH (I should have known, being from the YBH!), and changed 1D to the correct BAWL. Fun Wednesday.

  3. 7:37
    I think I had a FWOE somewhere, but it was a simple typo, and now I can't even remember if it actually happened...

    I'll echo previous comments and say that I enjoyed the quip, even though I find all quip puzzles frustrating at first, because how can you even get started? But on a Wednesday, you can be pretty sure you'll get there soon enough.

  4. Also, INTERESTINITIS sounds like some kind of a "buttinski" disease, doesn't it?