Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thursday, October 24, 2019, Matt Ginsberg


I just saw the revealer for this puzzle, and it made me laugh. In case you were wondering, it comes at 72A: [this space left intentionally blank] ([NOTHING]).

So the theme is phrases that start with the word "nothing," but with that word left out. For example, you get 20A: ... A matter worth considering ([NOTHING]TOSNEEZEAT). There are a total of ten theme answers, which is majorly impressive, especially when you notice that 18A, 20A, and 24A actually touch each other at 19D: Address starter (HTTP). Similarly, 52A, 57A, and 63A touch each other at 49D: Level (TRUE). The fact that the glue is kept to a minimum is very nice.

We also get ASBESTOS, ELBOWOUT, HANGSTEN, and DORISDAY, all fine down answers.

I enjoyed the following clues:

2D: "Little ____ in Slumberland" (early comic) (NEMO). There's actually a Genesis song about this from "And Then There Were Three".
29A: Whale's closest living land relative (HIPPO). I did not know that.
34A: They're taken in chess (TURNS). So literal.

... to turn my nose up at, so overall a definite win.

- Colum


  1. Yeah, I had Trap before TURN, which is a classic example of how knowing a lot about chess terminology makes it harder rather than easier.

  2. 11:56
    Excellent theme and, as Colum mentions, impressively done with little glue. I never knew that HANGSTEN actually refers to a specific trick (I've never surfed). Perhaps I should try sometime, although I'm unlikely to go out that far into the ocean. You know how to avoid getting eaten by a shark?