Monday, February 28, 2022

Monday, February 28, 2022, Zach Sherwin and Andrea Carla Michaels

The first three letters of today's theme entries are repeated later in the entry. Is that a theme? I guess it is. And I'm guessing that the inclusion of two cartoons, one quite old, and two TV shows from the late Eighties and early Nineties means that this is not a common occurrence. That said, OKEFENOKEE and CHINCHILLA are fun words.

Jeannette RANKIN

The most surprising C/AP for me was "Around 50.25% of the world's adult population" (MEN). I have been operating for quite some time under the belief that there were slightly more women in the world. Is that still true, but most of them are not "adults?" Is it not true? Why put that word "adult" in the clue? According to the United Nations, there are 3,776,294,273 men and 3,710,295,643 women in the world. And according to this article, there are more women than men in the "over sixty" population, because the life expectancy for women is higher. Also, according to that article, the population dynamics are different in different countries. Weird.

Anyhoo, I don't have too much else to talk about in this one. I did enjoy seeing SOLIDS (One side in eight-ball pool) since I played a couple games of that this weekend while on a short vacation. And I also liked seeing TOM in the center of the grid, since that's the name I use when I'm not using a pseudonym. :)

Hope you all enjoyed it. March starts tomorrow, and with it comes the spring. It's something positive to think about when the front page brings nothing but bad news.

- Horace


  1. Seems counterintuitive that there would be more men than women in the world, particularly adults, if the female life expectancy is greater than the male. Don't know how that math works, other than the possibility that the birth rate (or survival rate) is higher for males than females. Anyway. I found this fun but not too challenging and broke the the 3 min barrier (2:33)..

    1. Wow! Nice time.

      And yeah, the survival rate being lower for females is troubling, but I think that it might contribute to these stats.

  2. Philbo, I don't know if I should ever look at your times any more. I was proud of my 2:44...

  3. Hmm, I thought there must be more to the theme than just repeated letters, but yeah repeating the three first letters somewhere else is it. Maybe they could have worked in "cephalophore" as a revealer rather than us having to find it online?

    I agree that a TWOHIT game is better pitched than a TWOtwo game because of course to get two runs you likely ran up more than two hits.

    A little disappointed that the rodent wasn't a capybara, but that's the wrong number of letters and I suppose their fur isn't all that soft anyway.