Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Tuesday, February 8, 2022, Jack Joshi and Jackson Janes and Adam Aaronson

Four units of measure are preceded by four fruits in today's theme. The bracketed word in each theme clue made me slightly uneasy as I was solving, because I didn't stop to figure out what it was there for, but afterward, I realized it's explaining what is measured by each unit of measure. The second entry is bit muddled by TOMATOMETER itself being used to measure reactions to movies. And does it matter that LEMONBARS and FIGNEWTON are both actual foods, while the other two are not?

Duo's OWL over time

I thought "12D: Longest non-Russian river in Europe" was an odd clue for DANUBE. Why not just say "Second-longest river in Europe?" And I do not agree that "Transplants" and GRAFTS are identical. "Hand-holding at equestrian school?" (REIN), on the other hand, is a nice clue.

Frannie felt there was an overall "boy" vibe given off by this puzzle, and I have to agree. Lots of BMWS, GAMESTOP, OOHBABY, and DUH. And she was particularly put off by the inequity of the twice-used "... for a señor or señorita." Why not "señor or señora?" 

- Horace

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