Saturday, February 12, 2022

Saturday, February 12, 2022, Mary Lou Guizzo

Now why would a sculpture of a three-legged TOAD be considered lucky in feng shui? I thought feng shui was all about balance and harmony? Maybe the fact that this TOAD is usually depicted sitting atop a pile of money with a coin in its mouth draws attention away from the missing hind leg. It is supposed to bring wealth, and there are articles online about how to position it correctly for maximum benefit. I can imagine aspiring authors looking for BOOKDEALS might turn to one hoping to earn more BREAD, but to my skeptical ears, it sounds like a lot of CLAPTRAP.

That little aside aside, this was an AGREEABLE puzzle. Ten nine-letter answers and two twelves across the middle are used to good effect. I was especially happy to see STACEYABRAMS make her full, crossword puzzle debut. Here's hoping she continues to work her miracles in Georgia. 


CAMELSPIN (Figure skating move based on the arabesque in ballet) is running at an appropriate time - right in the middle of the Winter Olympics, and LETITBE, too, is timely, what with "Get Back" having come out recently. And speaking of music, there's another Italian word used in sheet music - this one more common than yesterday's lentando - LEGATO (Italian for "tied together"). 

It's interesting to have SCROOGE (Miser) crossing ASCETIC (Antithesis of a hedonist). Although I sometimes am drawn toward the ASCETIC lifestyle, if I'm honest with myself, I'm the nearly the opposite of both of those entries. Not quite a full-on hedonist spendthrift, but not all that far off either.

One more thing - I loved the straightforwardness of HELLO (Conversation starter). 

It's a solid Saturday. SEEYASOON!

- Horace

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