Monday, February 7, 2022

Monday, February 7, 2022, Rebecca Goldstein

Little did you know you would have CREATEDAMONSTER (or three or four) by doing the puzzle today, but lo, you have! 

I guess they're all monsters, of a sort, although within the category I'd put trolls and ogres together, but dragons and demons are somewhat apart. From the first two and from each other. But that is, perhaps, splitting hairs. OMG! A BOZO reviewer LOST in the weeds!?

So what else... I really wanted "dinette set" instead of DININGSET for "Matching table and chairs in a kitchen," but MADEAFIST (Prepared to play rock paper scissors) went right in. I'll be happy when STANS (Obsessive fans, in slang) fades out of memory. I like Eminem fine, but I dislike that term. 

Does STP make oil? I thought it was some kind of an additive and not an oil, per se. I don't have time to look into it this morning, though, but maybe I'll follow up with you tomorrow. (That's one of those "reviewer tricks" for making sure you keep coming back! :) )

Lastly, I will always associate the word ASIDE with Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. I learned the word when my father read through the libretto with my sister and me before each new show that we saw. ("Though to catch my drift he's striving, I'll dissemble - I'll dissemble.")

This played quite a bit harder for me than many Mondays, but there's quite a bit of theme - five long entries with one grid-spanner in the middle. Overall, not a bad start. I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's.

- Horace

p.s. The A.C.P.T. is still scheduled to be "in person," and the group rate reservations have opened up at the Marriott. Frannie and I (and Philbo, I understand) will be going. Hope to see you there!


  1. I am locked and loaded for the ACPT! Looking forward to meeting y'all... Final step is to keep my fingers crossed that some new variant doesn't rear its ugly head and scupper the whole thing. Back on track today after a subpar, inattentive weekend and nipped under the 3:00 line just barely. Fun one!

  2. From Facebook:

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  3. Since I've started playing D&D again, I'd say all of these creatures fit into the large category of "monsters" from the game.