Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Tuesday, February 15, 2022, Claire Rimkus

Thanks for spreading the love yesterday, Horace - much appreciated! 

The theme clues which, after converting the first part of a common phrase from a verb into a noun, describe things rather than actions. So, COURTDISASTER is styled as a "Catastrophe at a tennis match?" instead of as risking a bad result, and POOLRESOURCES are "Supplies at a swim meet?" rather than the act of combining assets.  

The nominalisation of the theme answers not withstanding, I found the puzzle had a sprightly, active feel. I liked "Rise to the challenge" (STEPUP), "How some risks are taken" (ONADARE), "Ransacks like a pirate" (LOOTS), and "Rude looks" for STARES.


Fill-wise, I liked IODINE, LEISURE, and STOOGE - is it a funny word just because it is, or thanks to Moe, Larry, and Curly? Other items that served to ROPEIN this solver were the slightly unusual UNDUE for "Excessive" and "Things don't look good for me!" (IMTOAST) - ha!

As something of a woman myself, I enjoyed the higher-than-usual ratio of women to MEN in the grid: NORA Ephron, TONI Morrison, LeAnn RIMES, HELENA, Montana, Anne MEARA, and AMIGA ("Pal in Pamplona"). 


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  1. Nice, solid theme. Taking four verbs beginning in-the-language phrases, turning them into nouns -- and all sports-locale nouns. I enjoyed it.