Sunday, July 10, 2022

Sunday, July 10, 2022, Christina Iverson and Scott Hogan


A fun Sunday theme to end my week of reviews. The title is perfect, as is often the case. If we read it as an instruction, we learn that the letters "on" are to be taken from the end of one Down clue and added to the end of the Down clue directly above. To wit, "'Tis the season" becomes TISTHESEAS (Response to "Why art thou queasy?") (guffaw!), and the "on" that was removed goes up to FRUITBATON (Banana wielded by a maestro in a pinch?). Now that's some quality wackiness! Another fine example is TRASHCANON (Give a scathing review of a major camera brand?) and BOXINGLESS (What Amazon retirees enjoy most?). And the trickiest ones were WARMUPTOON (Animated short before a Pixar movie?) and STORECOUP (Retail takeover scheme?) Overall, a lovely theme.


The fill, too, had many fine C/APs. "Where some stable relationships form?" (STUDFARMS) was amusing, "Kind of patch that may create holes instead of repairing them" (BRIAR) was clever, BROUHAHA (Quite an uproar) and DAGNABIT ("Tarnation!") (again with the taking away the double letters!) are fun words, and it's always nice being reminded of La SCALA in MILAN

The only thing I have any question about is HARDR (Movie rating that's practically NC-17). Is HARDR a real thing? 

Overall, a very satisfying Sunday. Tomorrow Frannie takes over. Enjoy!

- Horace


  1. Fun puzzle! (I don't know what HARD R is, either.) Thanks for the week, Horace!

  2. I had TANDA instead of HARDR for the longest time! (Hey, it's plausible, right? Right?)

  3. A search shows that Hard R apparently is a thing, although I hadn't heard of it either.