Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Wednesday, July 20, 2022, Josh Kindler

For those of us who hail from the Boston area, it's always amusing to see actors or others imitate the classic Southie accent. Multiple people have tried and failed, even those who have mastered other accents (c.f. Benedict Cumberbatch in "Black Mass"). So I like today's puzzle because it feels like Mr. Kindler got it right.

It's not just about turning -AR into -AH. The A has to flatten out, so it sounds more like a short O. And that's exactly what we see here: "dark comedy" turns into DOCCOMEDY. "Missing the mark" into MISSINGTHEMOCK. And each clue gets a different Boston flavored touch, although I would have liked more of the MGH or Harvard Lampoon touches, rather than "Beantown" or "Boston." PICKACODANYCOD is the best of the bunch for sure.

I found the puzzle played on the hard side today. My last cross was where 24D: Scottish island home to Fingal's Cave (STAFFA) met 38A: Part of a botanical garden (FERNERY). I absolutely ran the alphabet. And then ran it again. Fingal's Cave, by the way, was memorialized in a truly beautiful Felix Mendelssohn overture.

I always get OPI mixed up with "Oxo," the kitchen tool brand. I also put in uRaNuS for KRONOS

But enough about me. ICEICEBABY is a real throwback. And 26D: Got the point? (SCORED) is a fun QMC. General ZOD will always hold a place in my heart ("Kneel... before... Zod!").


- Colum


  1. He did get it right! Fun shout-out to us locals....wicked good puzzle!


    Kelly Clock

  2. Totally agree with the enthusiasm for PICKACODANYCOD. And I needed all the crosses for the Tuesday dude. I was wondering about MuRRay and probably a few others (although I had SEER early not that I immediately went to MORRIE)