Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Tuesay, July 26, 2022, Lillian Simpson

It's a shame that I already had cereal for breakfast, because now I want FRIEDEGGS. The great thing about eggs, though, is that they're also perfect for lunch! I have a yearly physical in the afternoon, but I've already done the blood work, so cholesterol be damned! :)

It's another debut puzzle today, and I've already read over on xwordinfo.com that Ms. Simpson doesn't even like eggs! In that she is like Frannie. Although Frannie will take them in a COOKIE or a cake, and sometimes scrambled, if I make hers a lot CHEESIER than normal. Me, I love two over easy, with yolk like LAVA that I SLATHER over toast. And with a last crust of bread I'll mop up any RESIDUES on the plate. OK, perhaps I need not INDULGE in so much detail. Who ASKED me anyway?


In oblique thematic material I find POACHERS, NEST, and even PREGGO, a state which relies on the OLDEN crossword favorite "ova." 

We saw a ROSHAMBO-themed puzzle a while ago, but I still needed a cross or two to remember that name. And I was happy to see ITERATE - a word I learned through doing crosswords, and that I now hear versions of far too often at work. "It's an iterative process," "We need to iterate as we go along," ... SNORT! But no one ever starts a wrap up with "To iterate, ..." it's always "To reiterate ..." Why?

Anywho, the week is off to a great start. Two debuts, and two novel and interesting themes. What oh what will Wednesday bring? We shall see!

- Horace

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