Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Tuesday, July 19, 2022, Andy Kravis

I am generally impressed when a constructor fits five theme answers into a standard 15x15 weekday grid, but even more impressed when that same constructor finds ways to fit in fun long down answers.

Today's theme takes body parts repurposed as verbs in standard phrases, each one in the same format. It's a nice clean set, especially with SHOULDERTHEBLAME running across the grid. I suppose that TOESTHELINE breaks the pattern by using the third person singular form of the verb, but there are ten toes, so I think we should forgive Mr. Kravis that minor indiscretion.

29D: Ingredient in a Reuben (SAUERKRAUT) is great, and 37D: Angrily stops playing a game, in modern parlance (RAGEQUITS) is better. AIRBUBBLES is fun. That's a lot of good stuff, and that doesn't even acknowledge the absurdity of a DOGHOTEL.

I never thought I'd see all of BILKEANE's name in a grid. I used to love Family Circus when I was a tyke (but never a SNOT, believe me). The enjoyment faded as I passed age 10, but still, it's a nice sort of nostalgia.

OPORTO over LIMA was a little rough for a Tuesday, but gettable. Other somewhat obscure answers included Edward ALBEE, the ISHTAR Gate, and KUBLAI Khan (in that spelling).

Best C/AP?

48A: Bum around London? (ARSE). 


- Colum

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