Friday, November 5, 2021

Friday, November 5, 2021, Joseph Greenbaum

A fun Friday that played on the fast side (17:06) for this solver - the opposite of a SLOG. Just about everything in the northeast went right in starting with "Other half" (SPOUSE) and on through "To ___ mildly" (PUTIT), and "Cry from a balcony" (OROMEO). I've never had CHURROS, but I think the NYTX is trying  subliminally implant the idea that I should by putting the answer in the puzzle the last two days in a row.

Slightly more tricky for this solver were things like "T-Bird alternative" (VETTE), "Deli lunch options" (TURKEYWRAPS) - those are a thing? - and "Cabbage alternative?" (IOU). 

There seemed to be something of a car-related theme with the above mentioned and RAGTOPS, not to mention TESLA and, of course, SMOG. Maybe AUTOBOT, too, if they are transformers that turn into cars. 

I thought "Airs during the holidays" for NOELS and "Follower of Jesus Christ" (SUPERSTAR) were both clever clues, but thanks to some good advice (DONTOVERTHINKIT) they didn't give me any trouble. I also liked MAKELOVENOTWAR, "Zw√∂lf minus elf" (EINS), and the reference to Paris, (ICI) even though it is sports related. Perhaps because I am something of an ODDDUCK, OAKNUT was a favorite today.  


"Sound investment in the 1980s?" (CASSETTEPLAYER) was a blast from the past. Remember mixed tapes? Magnetic tape is NOTA great technology, but it sure seemed like it at the time. :)


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  1. Absolutely loved everything about this puzzle. The clues and the entries are amazing!