Sunday, November 21, 2021

Monday, November 22, 2021, Stella Zawistowski

Greetings fellow puzzle solvers! Frannie here to take you and the review through the big holiday week. The delights of Thanksgiving are my GENRE of enjoyment, holiday-wise - family and feasting really hit the SLOT. As a vegetarian, I plan to avoid any and all MYSTERYMEAT on Thursday, but I think it's only fair to warn you that there may be some pie-related slowdowns later in the week. 

And speaking of slowdowns, I hit a couple today, first of all by starting with FANTASYfootBALL where BASE was wanted - sports is never my best category. I also entered 'tourbus' in place of BUSTOUR - a much better match for the clue ("Sightseeing on wheels"). I ended up with a time of 6:09, notable only to me because it is the same as the address of my first dorm in college. [Gee, she really OPENSUP when she writes on a Sunday evening, doesn't she?] 

26A: UPC

Any ROMANCELANGUAGE is much more my cup of tea, so I enjoyed the ad hoc Latin bits like ETAL and ALUM, but the presence of both OPUS (singular) and OPERA (plural) was the NICEST. Also, BTW, Horace, it looks like the plural of 'uxor' is uxores - hope that doesn't come in *too* handy. :) I very much enjoyed the C/AP "Enter en masse, as a car" (PILEINTO). BUTTONUP, LOPE, and COIFFEUR are also nice.

The answer to "Question to a suspected culprit" amused me, as I imagined police agents on the British crime dramas we watch asking each suspect, "WASITYOU?" What confessions would then ENSUE? Stay tuned...



  1. LOL! You know, Frannie, it was Dave, not either of my other two brothers who brag about how well they did in Latin, who came out with uxores on the Zoom call. Hah!

    And speaking of that, nice call on OPUS and OPERA being in the same grid. They supposedly don't like to have repeated words in the same puzzle. Hmph.

    Lastly, this mention of uxor, uxores (f.) and opus, opera (n.) seems to go hand in hand with the information I got from my Latin teacher last week, which is that third declension nouns are by far the most common in Latin.

    1. p.s. 4:04 for me, after much backspacing to correct typing errors. I was in Chapin my first year, so the whole time/dorm thing didn't work out for me. :)

  2. Ditto on FANTASY FOOTBALL, and then WAILING WALL, sheesh! Oh, well...5:59 for me.

  3. Fully! I made the exact same two mistakes!! But I kept my fingers moving and escaped in a decent 3:14. Hey, it's PI!