Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Tuesday, November 23, 2021, Eric Bornstein

Today's three theme answers are all people who have last names that represent types of investment - BARRYBONDS, JOHNNYCASH, ADAMSILVER - making the revealer, PERSONALFINANCE, apply literally. With two of the three being sports personages, its a little bit too bad it couldn't be a clean sweep to add a money ball dimension. The choice of "Money, Money, Money" for the ABBA clue at 1A is a touch of gold, though. 


I enjoyed the clue "They have ears, it's said" (WALLS) because it calls to mind the short-lived but entertaining (as I remember it) show "When Things Were Rotten" from the seventies. One of the characters warns others to be careful when talking about a plot, because walls have ears, and the shot pulls back to a wall covered with ears. Heh. COWS for "intimidates" is a nice C/AP if a not-nice action. TACIT for "Understood" was also good. 

In a KTWO moment, when reviewing the puzzle, I got to 37A and thought, I've never heard of the rapper ICET (as if pronounced i-set). Ha! I also hesitated at 51A: "Nicholas I or II" - not because I didn't know the answer, but because of the two possible spellings. Of late, it's been all TSAR all the time, so I thought I'd go with it instead of getting confirmation. Of course, this time it was CZAR. Derp.  I will attribute my slightly higher time today of 6:29 to these blips. Sadly, no immediate numerical associations came to mind TODAY



  1. Steffi GRAF was the imperious queen of tennis for so long. She was a joy to watch. So I killed this one today - 3:11 - and it would have been speedier had I not guessed PERSONALFORTUNE (hey, plausible, right?) before sussing out the theme. Oh and yes, Frannie, TSAR not CZAR for me too!

  2. Hand raised for the TSAR That's a word like ABASE (which could be ABASH). Nice theme, though, and very nice construction. 5:51.

  3. Me three on the TSAR spelling, and I never went back - until I FWTEd, and then I had to!

    I'm glad the "person's name + financial term" was explained to me, because for a minute there, I thought my own savings plan was ONTHINICE, because who has SILVER?

  4. Apparently this is a positive puzzle because there are plural YEAS and only one NAY.