Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunday, November 28, 2021, Jeff Kremer


Hey everybody! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. I certainly did, enjoying having both girls home after a quick trip down to NYC for the big feast. Unfortunately, I did have to drive my older daughter home to the city and then drive back today, and traffic was on the heavy side. A small price to pay to have everybody together, though.

Today's puzzle takes classic phrases associated with attracting the buyer to a sale, and applies them in silly ways to specific items you might (or in some cases, absolutely never would) find at a garage sale. It seems apt for this particular time of year. Everybody get your Cyber Monday deals tomorrow! Let's celebrate being American!

My favorite theme answers were 91A: Textbook, a few pages torn out, $2! (LIMITEDEDITION) and 43A: Baseball mitt, has a small hole, just $1! (DROPEVERYTHING). I feel like 68A: Guitar, never used, $15! (NOSTRINGSATTACHED) is missing a little from the clue to make it perfect. After all, most unused guitars will in fact come with strings. Similarly, I'm not clear on why 114A: Two fish tanks, accessories included, $5! (ROCKBOTTOMPRICES) is clued as being a pair. Perhaps the addition of the word "each" to the clue would have worked better.

But look at me, acting as if I could create a New York Times crossword puzzle. I mean, maybe I could. I've never really tried. Regardless, I'm just noting little inconsistencies because I get to, as the reviewer in charge today.

The fabulous Madeline KAHN

Some fun non-QMCs today, such as:

41A: What may cover some ground (AREARUG)

2D: It gets the lead out (ERASER)

70D: When you're about as smart as a fifth grader (AGETEN) - I love the literal nature of this one.

107D: Tours can be found on it (LOIRE) - as in the city in France, that is.

108D: Website with star ratings (IMDB)

Not too many LOWPOINTS, so I'll call this a fine Sunday.

- Colum

P.S. Congratulations to Mr. Kremer for his NYT debut!

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  1. Yeah, that AGETEN answer was great. So unexpected!

    I also chuckled at CANTTURNTHATDOWN for the TV with broken volume knob. So absurd!