Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thursday, November 25, 2021, Chase Dittrich

It's TRUE that I quickly understood the need for a T/F alternative in five squares throughout the puzzle - each of the letters making the answer match one of the two clue possibilities - but it's FALSE that I got the congratulatory message when I completed the puzzle. :( Maybe because I solved the puzzle late at night in an effort to get the review up early before the busy holiday morning (unsuccessfully, as you may have already noticed), but I went the low-barrier route and entered only TF in the special squares. In my app, apparently, one had to enter either T/F or just T or just F to make the solve a success. I was disappointed because I had finished the puzzle pretty quickly, but that's what I get for cutting corners.  

My fail tale aside, I enjoyed the alternative answers, especially "PC key/ Sitcom ET" (ALT/F), "Wood nymph / Independent person" (T/FREESPIRIT), and "Goodyear blowout / 'Everything must go' event" (T/FIRESALE).

Other C/APs that entertained were:
"Cold-blooded killer" (ASP) - clever.
"Praise loudly" (HAIL)
"Openings for 'To Tell the Truth'" (TEES)
"Pen" (CAGE)

I liked the "Darn" clue for DRAT and then the "Darn, e.g." clue for SEW. I also liked the pairing - of sorts - "Traffic lights you can't go through" (REDS) and "Green-lights" (OKAYS). 

And who doesn't love a reference to LESLIE Nielsen of "The Naked Gun" and, of course, "Airplane" - funniest movie ever. 

By the way, I looked up SAL soda from yesterday's puzzle. According to The Free Dictionary, it's a sodium salt of carbonic acid used in making soap powders and glass and paper. Arm & Hammer sells it in a box that looks a lot like rather too much like their Baking Soda for my taste. If the situation ever comes up, let's hope everyone chooses the correct alternative.

I wish all of you, dear Readers, a restful holiday where your most challenging choice is between LOAF and more ETON


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  1. The same thing happened to me! I used TF when evidently I should've used T/F, sheesh. My favorite clue: [Openings for "To Tell the Truth"].

    Thanks for the info on SAL soda, Frannie. I'll know what to buy next time I've got to make...paper. :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving!