Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Tuesday, November 30, 2021, Billy Ouska

Sneaking this blog post in just under the wire...

This is an incredible theme. I just love it! Advertising for tournaments of specific games with re-imagined standard phrases. Thus, the Scrabble tournament gets a sign that says SITFORASPELL. What else are you doing when you're playing Scrabble? 

And how perfect is the Taboo tournament advertisement - DONTSAYAWORD! Indeed, you are not allowed to say specific words in a game of Taboo. So clever.

The LSAT and the MCAT tests both get into this grid, which along with OSHA are probably the only bits here I didn't love.

TITANIUM gets a nice clue to the ancient Greek myth of the precursors to ATHENA and the other Olympian gods, the Titans. Also, an NFL team in Nashville, but the element was named long before they came into existence. Another good clue is at 45D: Where you might bump into a metal fan (MOSHPIT) - metal, as in the genre of popular music.

8D: Wilde or Wilder (AUTHOR) is very nice as well. I like clues which play around with names this way. 


Finally, the pair of clues at 3D: The beginning of the Hebrew world? (ALEPH) and 27D: The end of the Greek world? (OMEGA) are a fun pair. I'm not sure why it's the world in these clues, but it works well enough.

Fun Tuesday.

- Colum

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