Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015, Finn Vigeland

Horace and Frannie discuss the NYTXP for realz this time:

HF: So, do you want to write up today’s puzzle?

FP: Well, if it would help you out....

HF: It was pretty nice, I thought.

FP: I liked it, although, as I said, Rex was all fussy pants about it. [can we keep this in, or not?]

HF: The “broken” days were evenly spaced throughout.

FP: I was under 10 minutes until I had to try to find my error.

HF: He’s always fussy. I agree that it was harder than a usual Monday.

FP: Whaaa??

HF: I took 7:29. MOMBASA? Not Monday.

FP: That seemed okay to me because the downs were gettable.

HF: Well, yes.

FP: Maybe I don't have enough Monday puzzle experience. I got stuck on the Tyler Perry clue. L Maybe it's a Monday-level topic, but I do not know much about Mr. Perry.

HF: Yeah, I didn’t know that one at all. MADEA. What the??

FP: I had MAlEA in there, which looked equally fine to me. I put in DIETcOlA instead of DIETSODA for 63A and was so sure it was correct, I didn't think to confirm it with the downs.

HF: MWAH was a little surprising.

FP: We've seen that before.


FP: EDDA is old hat, so to speak. :)

HF: I mean, sure, we’ve heard of it, but it’s not Monday, to me, anyway.

FP: Oh.

HF: Still, there was a lot of good stuff in here.

FP: Maybe you should write up the puzzle then.

HF: I could.


  1. 4:31
    I didn't see the theme at all until I finished the puzzle. That's a fun thing to do, definitely off the beaten path. I like the fill as well, even if it isn't entirely Monday level. It felt like a themeless. SHEILA, MOMBASA, ONEIDA are all a little tough. I liked the nod to Passover with EXODUS. I had to think a couple of seconds to get MADEA; I've never seen one of those movies, but I've definitely heard of them.

    Pretty nice opening day in baseball today.

  2. 13:30
    I like the discussion format. This definitely ran slightly difficult for a Monday. I've never seen any Tyler Perry movie, and won't, because they look ridiculous in an extremely unfunny way. I liked EXODUS, too, and it's cross (SAXON); have I mentioned that I once read the entire Bible? MARTINIS was nice, reminding me of a raucous hot tub (RHT), a normal [SA][T] happening at the YBH. I didn't love MOMBASA or CELLI. 30D is possible Huygens fill (too much? Maybe I should erase that...).