Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017, Damon Gulczynski


I liked this one, but it kind of flew by for a Friday.

1A: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame designer (IMPEI) - B.
Favorite: SHH (11A: Sound from a silencer) - I think this was the biggest surprise for me.
Least: NUS (43D: Some college Greeks)

I first tried IMpaYING for IMBUYING (1D: "It's on me") and HALFCookED and HALFCockED for HALFCRAZED (29D: Nutso), but those were righted pretty quickly. Oh, and I typed Scale for "66A: Celsius, for one," but as soon as I remembered that it was Friday, and quickly changed it to SWEDE. Much better.

I enjoyed the two "spoken" answers: IKNOWRIGHT (27A: "Seriously!") and GRACIOUSME (47A: "Well, I declare!"), and the PTBARNUM quote (3D: Who said "Without promotion, something terrible happens ... nothing!") was interesting, if slightly off-putting. I'm just so done with promotion and the never-ENDING EARNING and BUYING of ALLNEW junk...

Sorry. I was HALFCRAZED there for a moment. Sometimes I just feel so IMMERSED in consumerism.

CLEF (9D: Pitch setter) was fun, and I did not know that Parker POSEY was the "so-called "Queen of the Indies," but I should have. She's great.

So I'll end this like I started it - I liked this one, I just thought it was maybe a little light for a Friday. Here's hoping we get a nice heavy one tomorrow!

- Horace


  1. 26:23
    This started off fast, as IMPEI dropped right in for me, as did a few others, but I was hung up for a bit on several sections. ALLTHATJAZZ was trivia I didn't know, and although I dropped in IMBUYING, BUBLE and YARD quickly in the NW, IKNOWRIGHT (excellent), NEWMANN and GAM didn't follow. MATED took way too long up there. I, too, entered ScalE for SWEDE, but changed it with the BOW/TIE pairing. FLARE is a great 70s throwback, and I liked the clue for HARRY (10D Dirty cop?). Lots of nice stuff in here, including FRENEMY. I've never seen Gere's DRT movie. Nice clues for GLASSY and WYATT, too. Fun Friday.

  2. 14:40 (FWOE)
    Missed the proper name crossers on LEV (37A: Tolstoy's first name, in Russia) and AVEO (34D: Bygone Chevy model). Too bad I didn't live in Russia in the 1960's.

  3. 6:25
    Way way too fast for a Friday. And that's after putting gehry in for IMPEI, as well as false starts on ADVERSARY with ArchenemY and ArchRival (the latter tried when I'd put HARRY in). All the names were fairly crossed, including NEUMANN, which I never would have gotten, and WYATT. GAM I never even saw until I'd finished the puzzle. Lots of lovely Zs.