Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017, Tom McCoy


The theme today features colorful expressions using body parts. YELLOWBELLIED (56A: Deplorably cowardly) is my favorite, but I just used WHITEKNUCKLED (20A: Visibly tense), or some variant of it, yesterday when describing the car salesman in the back seat during our test drive. Heh.

1A: The Times or Daily News, e.g. (PAPER) - C+
Favorite: EUROPA (25A: Figure in Greek myth after whom a continent is named) - It seems obvious, but I'm not sure I ever fully realized that before.
Least: 11D

There's plenty of bonus fill today, with AMALGAM (45D: Blend), HOGTIE (50A: Truss up), POISE (26D: Graceful bearing), GNASHPELTED, TESTY, and LLAMA. Good old Ogden Nash. :)

Maybe I'm old-school, but I always think of "If, then" statements, not "If, ELSE." Was that just BASIC programming? Also, the clue for SOCKET (9D: Holder of an eye or a light bulb) is gross.

A fine Monday.

- Horace


  1. 6:04
    I thought the same thing about SOCKET. I enjoyed the theme, YELLOWBELLIED being my favorite; it brings to mind Westerns (or "oaters") for some reason. EUROPA is, of course, a Galilean satellite, so I don't know where this "continent" thing came from. And I know only if-then statements, too, but it's well known that I am one of the few people in the world still programming in BASIC. LUST is a bit racy.

  2. 6:48

    Good day for classical Greece, with EUROPA and ALPHA, and depending on how much we want to stretch it, YORE and EPIC.

    As for programming languages, just be glad they gave ua ELSE and not "elsif", "elseif", "end", "endif" or "fi", all of which are part of if statements in aome language. And yes, I kid you not about "fi" which is "if" backwards and is used to end an if statement.

  3. 4:17
    Son was preoccupied at school, so I enjoyed a rare opportunity to complete the Monday puzzle.

  4. 3:37
    Thought it was going slow but not really. I was stuck for a little bit around GREENEYED because I had put in KNElt for KNEEL, completely wrong tense. I could do without THEDONALD.

  5. Had EUROPA and AMALGAM circled. Otherwise a pretty typical, dull Monday. Of course, I did learn something: FEDEX bought Kinko's. EGGS over DYES is cute.

  6. The difference between "if-then" and "if-else" is pretty important in coding when you think about it. "If-then" is essentially a yes-no statement/question, which works fine for simple questions. But what if there are more than two possible answers to an inquiry (or computer game, multiple choice quiz, product feature options, etc.)? Yes, you could have a string of "If-then" pieces of code where "then" is to 'go to the next "if-then." But that code can gets pretty bulky and inefficient pretty quickly. "If-else" allows for "if-else-else-else-else..."; For example, do you want that new bike in red, blue, green, or yellow?