Friday, January 4, 2019

Friday, January 4, 2019, Neil Padrick Wilson



No? Just got started?


(Wait for it...)


Hmmm. Let me just say that you should not allow the STENCH of that silly start to take away from a very fine Friday offering from Mr. Wilson (his second in the NYT). Everywhere I look in this grid, there's excellent stuff. Just take that W into SW section. WARMFUZZIES, IMEANREALLY, RAMONE, and TWIHARD! So good.

And the symmetric area has BARSINISTER as well as MAYICUTIN (nice clue: "Line at a dance") and the ludicrous BITEME!

If we have to accept a ONEA or TPK, it seems a very small price to pay.

And the best clue of the year so far: 5D: Busing supervisors (MAITREDS). I had ___TREDS and I couldn't parse that as ... d's to save my life.

Very fine puzzle.

- Colum

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  1. 25:25
    MAITREDS got me, too, right up to the end! I loved BARSINISTER, as it reminded me of "Underdog" and the villain Simon Bar Sinister. I never knew of the meaning, of course, as I watched the show mainly as a youngster. BIKINIWAX was surprising, and I really, really wanted TWIHeaD, but all of the letters for the cross INSANE kept working out. I also had ___RAS for a while at 48A Serengeti stampeders, but not until I got the WARMFUZZIES was I able to see ZEBRAS. Great Friday.