Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Tuesday, January 29, 2019, Benjamin Kramer


I like this uncommon yet straightforward theme of service, bump, set, and spike - the elements of a VOLLEYBALL point. I wouldn't have been able to tell you that "bump" was an actual term in the sport, but it is immediately recognizable as something that makes sense. And, like yesterday, the oddest element of the theme is found in the least common "container," COLBERTBUMP. But again, that, too, is understandable.

Who, after seeing this scene, hasn't thought of it again (and again) when viewing our own single moon?
So between the DQED (1A: Barred from competition, briefly) and ETAS (65A: Column on a flight board, for short), we find tasty answers like DEERMEAT, PAELLA, and QUINOA. EXILES and ENSLAVED are unfortunate to think about, but maybe they can ESCAPE via Charles DEGAULLE (11D: Airport named for a president), EZPASS (3D: Toll method on the New Jersey Turnpike) or maybe even by way of things with a ROTOR or KEELS to where they have to use an UMLAUT or drink OUZO or EVIAN, or to where someone puts a LEI around their neck when they land...

This Friday is my "Poker Night," and although we don't play HIGHLOW very much, it has crept into the "Dealer's Choice" format once or twice. Here's hoping I keep my chip pile in the "natural number" (POS) realm.

I enjoyed this one - plenty of good material, and just a smattering of ANET, ANA, and REC.

- Horace


  1. 3:36
    Some good, some not so good here. DEGAULLE, TATOOINE, QUINOA, UMLAUT all good. DEERMEAT (yuck), ENSLAVED (double yuck) not so good. Don't you think ANET should have been included in the theme?

    1. Hah! Good one. It probably was not an accident that ANET was included.

  2. Not a bad idea, looking for a thematic clue for ANET (although that indefinite article would be a hassle in trying to write a good one).

    My favorite novel clue for a not so novel answer was ORE. Spices things up without making it especially hard.

  3. 8:46
    I'd never have figured out the theme, as you probably know, since I finish these and get on quickly with my day. I rely on this blog for that bit of enlightenment. ORALB usually takes many crosses for me, and it shouldn't since we see it fairly often. I like that QUINOA crosses OUZO. I agree with Colum: DEERMEAT - yuck.