Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday, February 22, 2019, Daniel Nierenberg


This one seemed to go by pretty quickly, despite my having never heard of several answers. I've never been much of a rum drinker, so BAHAMAMAMA was entirely unknown to me. It sounds more like something that would be applied to a person. I have also never heard of the ALOHATOWER (15A: Hawaii landmark featuring four seven-ton clocks) (its Wikipedia entry tells kind of a sad story), or REDDRAGON (42A: 1981 novel that introduced the character Hannibal Lecter). And EOSIN is something that I might have heard once long ago, but it's not something I know.


ATHWART (6D: From side to side) is a word you don't hear every day, so that's nice, and SOLARFLARE (27D: Phenomenon that emits X-rays) is a nice long Down. I had "chapters" in for a while before EPISODES (23D: Installments), and "snap" before CASE (11A: Cold ____), but things righted themselves eventually.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but Frannie and I are on vacation this week, and I, at least, am breaking all kinds of DIETARYLAWs. They have this thing they call "Kibbeling" here in the Netherlands, which is little chunks of fried fish that you can buy at the open market. It comes in a little tray with tartar sauce. And if you want, you can buy a paper cone of french fries at one of the many artisinal french fry storefronts in this town to go with it. I have even come around to having the fries with "frietsaus," which is kind of like a lightly-spiced mayonnaise. Yes, that's right, I've gone native. Oh, and to wash it all down, they've got plenty of good local beer - like Hertog Jan and Texels. Talk about INNERPEACE... OHYES!

- Horace


  1. Pretty easy for a Friday, judging by my score anyway. I hesitated for some time over EOSIN, a word I don't know. I considered rOSIN for a while, which gave me DrFLEA. Vaguely amusing, but incorrect. I thought BAIT for "Chum, e.g." was some nice misdirection, especially as we often get 'mate' in a puzzle. I also liked ATHWART, TADA, and, of course, that old charmer, PEPELEPEW. I was not a big fan of "A plan may be put on it" (HOLD). Using "it" in the clue is a bit of a stretch, IMO, but, FORALL I know that's what Fridays are all about.

  2. 22:14 DNF
    I didn't know the ballet move (PLIE) or its crosses LENA and GAITER, so I had to ask the Across Lite to "Reveal" those squares, which is a DNF in my book. I'll add this puzzle to my list of NEARMISSES.

  3. 10:19
    Huygens, I tried jetE first, which my ballet daughter would have laughed at me for. I also tried pinAcolAdA at first at 1A. Nice misdirect there.