Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wednesday, February 6, 2019, Queena Mewers and Alex Eaton-Salners


HOLA amigos! Hoy tenemos una tema bilingual - a theme right in my wheelhouse! The app I use to solve the puzzle flashed a special note explaining that some across and down clues had the same clue. The trick was to enter the answer in ENGLISH in the across spot and the answer in ESPANOL in the corresponding down spot. So, for example, in the northwest, we begin with SUN (1A) and SOL (1D) both sharing the clue, "It emerges at dawn." In the southeast, we end with NIGHT at 54A and NOCHE at 54D (Prime-time time). My favorite pair was FIRE/FUEGO because fuego is such a great word.

Otras bonitas palabras son KNOCKOUT, RANKLE, and HALLOO. There were also some clever clues like "It might be left holding the bag" (TEAPOT) and "Help for a star witness?" TELESCOPE. And we always enjoy a mention of Gilbert, especially in preference to Sullivan :) (LIBRETTO).


I was less enamored of NIBBLERS, RATATAT, and the ever-tricky ODETS just for personal reasons, but the UPI SHOT was bueno. Overall, a fairly straightforward Wednesday without many tricks, although it did have one GOTYE. :)

Hasta maƱana!


  1. 6:37
    What's this about preferring Gilbert to Sullivan? I was just playing through Gondoliers and thinking about how wonderful the music is. Of course, I also enjoyed reading through Gilbert's LIBRETTO, but I can't play that on the piano so very well.

    In other news, ERIEPA got me again. That combined with thinking the May honoree would be "taurus" (in Spanish, "toro" would work, starting with the same letter and all, but not enough letters to fit in 8D) led to some difficulties in the NE.

  2. 17:54
    Nice bilingual puzzle, for sure. And fun write-up there, Frannie! I had an odd thing happen that led to FWOE! I put in EIGHT for the prime time answer and then my brain and/or eyes just accepted EOCHE as some form of "ocho"...oops. Time to get my eyese checked, perhaps.
    I'm on the West Coast where we are now having a cold snap - so, I get to easily solve the puzzle the night before since 10 PM EST is only 7 PM PST...the solving kept me nice and warm last night.

  3. 12:20 (FWOE)

    I had the same error that MLou had, and I, too, somehow convinced myself that eOCHE was possible. Che lastima!

  4. 9:43
    I put in eIGHT at first, but luckily corrected it with NOCHE. To me, NIGHT seems very general, but I suppose it's OK. Nice LIBRETTO/OPERAS pairing. BTW, we're on the West Coast in the CIUDAD of SF right now. TELESCOPE was my favorite answer, for obvious reasons. It would have been nice to have it with us for the last couple of nights in the Big Sur.