Thursday, February 7, 2019

Thursday, February 7, 2019, Morton J. Mendelson


I really go for today's theme! For today's theme answers one had to mentally add the letters GO beyond the top, bottom, or side of the grid - or GOOVERTHEEDGE. Such a lovely and literal revealer. I thought I caught on from the get go; the answers where the missing [GO]s were on the right edge (TAKESTWOTOTANG[GO] and CARMENSANDIE[GO]) went right in, but my failure to read the revealer carefully meant that at first I didn't realize there were no-gos all around. I didn't know 55D: CHICA[GO] was one of the theme answers because for all I knew "Chica" *was* the second-longest-running Broadway musical ever (after "The Phantom of the Opera") - I'm not strong on Broadway musicals. Also, when the across answers in the north east left me with SLINGS at 13D, I just assumed I didn't understand the clue ("Babies in a pond" or [GO]SLINGS)). But, when I finally got [GO]LDTEETH at 5D it started to DAWN on me that things were going off all over the place, and that LF_A_E could be [GO]LFGAME (What's honed on the range?) The rest, as they say, was AGESA[GO].

Elsewhere in the puzzle there were twisty clues à gogo:
"Things kids sometimes like to draw" (LOTS)
"Put pressure on" (TAX)
"Downed a sub?" (ATE) - mmm, sub...
"Diamond datum" (ATBAT) - carAT anyone?
"Powerful checker" (KING) - ha!


I got off on the wrong foot with JEan instead of JEEP. Aren't there Wrangler jeans? But I was able to correct course relatively quickly when I got EDITMENU at 3D (Where Copy and Paste appear). Another computer-related entry, (Windows) NTS really kicked it old school - practically back to the age of PCLABs. Also out there were ORDO and ERL, but overall, this puzzle left me with a od feeling.



  1. 11:50 (FWOE) - I had JAr crossing rOIL. The latter makes sense, but the former only looks like a correct answer. I didn't get [GO]SLINGS until reading your review, but got the rest of them. An excellent theme, and I liked that the down theme answers were asymmetrically placed.

  2. 12:12

    I caught on with (GO)ODNIGHTIRENE, believe it or not - and you can add me to the list of people who enjoyed this trick! Fun puzzle.

  3. 23:15
    Well, I figures out the gimmick, but thought for sure the SLINGS was some sort of bug or bird that I didn't know about! ha!
    And, again, my brain got stuck with LOTS as in gambling - had to use the reveal word feature there! Led to FWOE - yup!

    And, now I am curious - are there time suggestions for posting Today's Puzzle - such as "try not to post until after 5PM EST" or "no write-ups until noon the day the puzzle publishes"? Being in PST, I haven't noticed an exact pattern - just a trend, that would indicate some such courtesies.

  4. 21:39
    I figured it out with TAKESTWOTOTAN[GO], but only after filling in the revealer. Always nice to see LEGATO, and I tried maitai where ZOMBIE belongs (I'd forgotten about those). I tried JEan at 1A at first, too, but the EDITMENU set me straight. [GO]SLINGS was the trickiest of the theme answers.