Monday, February 25, 2019

Monday, February 25, 2019, Peter Gordon

9:10, FWOT

I tried to finish this puzzle ASP (so fast, I didn't have time to type the other A) so I could head out for a bike ride along the Amsterdam-Rhine canal, but I ran into a couple of problem areas. One was a typo in the first theme answer GOoNGSWIMMINGLY [someone who is very good at playing the tam-tam?] The other was at the theme revealer TRIATHLON ("Race suggested by 19-, 39-, and 59- Across?). Am I the only one who thought the word was TRIATHaLON? Maybe the triathletes are trying to complete the SWIMMING, CYCLING, RUNNING contest so quickly, they also didn't have time for one more A. So, that held me up for a bit because I didn't know ILIE Nastase (of tennis), either. Derp. Anyhoo, a fine trio of activities, all of which I enjoy, with cycling being the favorite - not the competitive type of cycling, the stopping-to-smell-the-flowers kind of cycling.

Here's a LISZT of clue/answer pairs I liked:
"Help wanted sign?" (SOS)
"To a sickening degree" (ADNAUSEAM (correct USAGE: the Latin preposition 'ad' takes the accusative)
"As if" (MYEYE)
"Ticket leftover" (STUB)

I also enjoyed the Truman quote, "The ability to step on a man's toes without messing up the shine on his shoes" (TACT). I've got to work on that.

"On the ___ vive" seemed a little obscure for a Monday (QUI). That expression went out of vogue along with halberds and shabracks, didn't it? :)


The clue "Like a thermometer that's put in the mouth" (ORAL) was not to my taste. I also felt that the quantity of short fill made the solve feel like something of a POMMELing, but I imagine that was necessary for Mr. Gordon to get his events to ALIGN.

I'm off to enjoy our last day in the (RE)CYCLINGCENTER of the world.



  1. 8:56 FWOE
    I coulda sworn that NASIUM was the correct spelling - caught one letter, but somehow missed that ANIW was not a word! ha
    I also wanted the Descartes quote to end in "SUM"!
    Ah Amsterdam...the city of a gazillion bicycles - I hope you had a safe ride!

  2. 3:26
    This TRIATHLONer knew there needn't be a second A. I liked the gerund form of each portion (speaking of grammarian USAGE) being in the theme answers. OUTOFTHERUNNING is the least good (that's definitely not good grammar) due to the fact that the activity is not hidden through idiomatic use.

  3. MYEYE, this was a nice way to start the week. Well I say that about most of the Mondays.

    I guess QUI was obscure, but the clue made it look Latin (quite aside from any knowledge of that phrase in particular) and the crosses weren't too bad.

    My favorite answer: POMMEL. Not sure I can say why. It is in that sweet spot between obscure and commonplace, I suppose.

  4. 6:01
    MYEYE was the favorite over here at the YBH. QUI probably least. Nice that USAGE and STYLE are stacked. I never purchased a CDSINGLE. STL is a terrible 1A.