Saturday, February 16, 2019

Saturday, February 16, 2019, Andrew Kingsley and John Lieb


So let me start this review by admitting that for a hot second I considered triSEXUAL to be a thing. I wasn't entirely sure in my mind what exactly the third axis could be, but I passed it off by saying, "well, there's LGBTQ, so... yeah." Fortunately in the next second I put ERS in, and recognized that SC__RR was unlikely to represent a word in the English language, so took the "tri" out. PANSEXUAL is much better, at least as an answer in a crossword puzzle.

As it turns out, I completed the puzzle this morning on the way to Boston, said trip having the lovely side effect of allowing a meeting of the minds behind this blog. Horace and Frannie gave me some examples of situations in the puzzle where they had confidently put something else in, which I will allow them to enter into the comments, should they be so inclined. But at least it made me feel better about my misstep.

Meanwhile, there was much to be rejoiced about in this grid. I am particularly taken by the crossings of DOMINATRIX and POLEAXE by PIXIECUT and FLEXTIME. Way to use those Xs.

Also amusing is the juxtaposition (another X word) of CARPACCIO and ONIONRING. I have to give props to Hope for getting the former off of the CAR____.

I was completely taken in by 35A: Third character to appear in "Macbeth" (CEE). How many times will this kind of clue fool me?! This is a particularly brilliant form of this sort of clue, especially lacking the question mark. On the other hand, the QMC at 54D: Cover letters for certain applications? (SPF) is also brilliant. Lovely work.

All in all, I think the Friday and Saturday made up for the mild disappointment of Thursday. And I don't think that's ALOTTOASK of the turn.

- Colum


  1. 15:55

    Well, since I've been prompted, I'll admit that I dropped in "bicurious" at 12D (Potentially attracted to anyone) (my certainty about OXO made me take this out), and, less amusingly, and less plausibly, since the first recorded recorded pandemic is from the sixth century, "plague" at 45A (Fifth-century scourge). The big one, of course, is from the Renaissance era, but at least I was right about there having been an earlier occurrence.

    I very much enjoyed this one, and I agree with the review. I also loved 1A: Old-fashioned group of people (THEAMISH) and PIXIECUT (57A: Bob's relative). And yes, I groaned when CEE was made obvious through crosses. Again!

    I have to argue about STARWARS, though, not as a problem with the puzzle, but "greatest film score of all time??" Really? No. Just no. Absolutely not.

  2. 27:29
    Every time I think I fly through a Saturday, I'm handily beaten. I'm surprised at my great time (for me), however, since a first pass through the clues didn't yield much for me. Maybe YANNI shouldn't be above BRIANENO (great to see his whole name). I tried hag where CEE belongs, and the groan happened here, too. I'm not familiar with GOBOTS, but thankfully rENIE isn't a thing, so an error was avoided. HOTLANTA brings to mind the recent football game.