Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday, June 14, 2019, Caitlin Reid


The bottom half of the puzzle went very smoothly, but the north east took me forever. And not for NOREASON. The clue "'Cue the violins!' elicitor" did not bring forth the correct response from my brain. I also kept reading the clue "One on foot, informally" as "On one foot, informally" and got no where with that. I also didn't know that pill bugs and wood lice fall into the category of ISOPOD.

I liked the answer SHAMMARRIAGES as fill, but I'm not completely clear why the clue "Actors' unions?" has a question mark. I also enjoyed EGOBOOST and SUNBATHE. I thought it odd to have an answer like BADPR show up in two puzzles in a row.


I'm not a big fan of the word PREGGO, and I wouldn't sign up for the word ENROLLEE. I'm also not keen on INSET as a answer to "Implant," or BOREUP" for "Buoyed." And to "Prefix with -logy" (TRI) I say WATT? However, I'd rather GOOUT on a high note with some highlights:

Made a web site? (SPUN) is cute.
Pro QB Manning, by birth (ELISHA) - who knew?
Get down (MASTER) - solid ambiguity.
Definite no, informally (HARDPASS)
Toga go-with (SANDAL) - another shoo in!
And my favorite today "The key to making a quick exit?" (ESC) - ha!



  1. 26:29
    ELISHA - who knew and who cares? Well, some people, maybe. PREGGO is not a term that I use, nor is MOUE. WINKWINK brings to mind, of course, the great Eric Idle Monty Python sketch, and DEADSEXY (58A Really hot) is excellent to this OLDTIMER. I'd never heard of this Zack SNYDER, but the crosses were fair. I got off to a bad start, trying attack where CHARGE goes at 1A, but I ended up correcting it quickly with the gimme EMO.

  2. 14:04 (paper)

    Conversely, Frannie, the NW fell almost instantly for me, as I guessed correctly on CHARGE, and filled in the Downs one after another. The lower half went a bit slower, and I ended up in NE, where I reluctantly entered BOREUP and IGOTDIBS to finish it. IGOTDIBS is fine, I guess, but I don't like BOREUP either. It seems like BOREUP is something you do (or did) yourself, and BUOYED is something done to you by outside forces. And I, too, misread the clue for 21A as "on one foot." Derp.

    I'm in the "who cares?" camp on ELISHA. Stupid Giants...