Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday, June 2, 2019, Erik Agard


In keeping with the national trend of legalization and acceptance of the Devil's lettuce, we have a cannabis-based theme today. In each two-word answer, one word can relate to the activity of smoking the wacky tabacky, the sweet sinsemilla, the homegrown happy cigarette..., and the other can relate to moviedom. Most of the time the chronic comes first, but in the last one DIRECTHITS, the magic smoke blows over to the second spot. Bonus fill: DOPE.

I mostly enjoyed the cluing in this one. Things like ALOHA (HI goodbye) for example, and "Splits lickety-split" for FLEES. SCOLDS (Gives what for) was also fun, and "Style to pick?" was a great clue for AFRO, too. Mr. Agard, by the way, sports one of the finest AFROs I've ever seen. How long do you have to spend making that look so perfect after sleeping on it?

I didn't previously know the term DISS track, and I'm not sure I've ever used MONDO to mean "Very," and I've never heard the term TREEGUARD (Fencing along a sidewalk) either, so there's some stuff I learned.

Oh, that's what they mean! I was thinking of a much more rural street. I guess I needed to CODESWITCH!

I tried "Outofprint" for OFFTHEGRID (Unfindable, so to speak). Heh... books. 

I don't love DUPLE (Having two beats per measure, in music), but maybe that's a common term among musicians. I don't remember it from my orchestra days, though. And RAINN (Big nonprofit that operates the Department of Defense Safe Helpline) seemed pretty "out there." But overall, the cluing in this one kept my interest throughout. How 'bout "The cutting of one's jib?" (SAILMAKING)? That's some quality work.

- Horace


  1. 34:02 FW3E
    Well, isn't "Modeswitch" a word??? Apparently not!
    This was a smooth puzzle and a good time. Certainly a better use of title - "Stoners' Film Festival" than such entries as "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and "Dude! Where's my Car?" But, IMHO, that's where stoner references belong - in dumbed down, stoner movies. I don't care that the whole country seems to have embraces being dumbed down - just keep it outta my puzzles!
    Yes, I also yell at kids to stay off my lawn! And, no, this did not bother me enough that I stopped working this puzzle.
    Thanks for the great picture of the tree guard...they don't have any of these in Portland, OR - maybe they should. I thought of those rural lanes in France that are guarded by rows of trees!

  2. 29:23
    Add me to the chorus of people that were thinking of rural streets regarding TREEGUARD. SMOKEBOMBs used to be pretty common back in my youth, but I don't hear much about them any longer. Don't kids still light them off in school? DUPLE is fine, as was this puzzle. Legalize everything, as far as I'm concerned; it'll thin the herd a bit.