Saturday, June 15, 2019

Saturday, June 15, 2019, Ryan McCarty

22:54, FWOE

ALAS, even though I told myself to go back and review my answer to "'ROCKYIV' rival who makes a reappearance in 'Creed II'", I failed to do it. I knew my answer (ItANDRAGO) wasn't right, but at the same time, I thought my down answers were solid. For "What a band plays at a concert" I entered LatEST, which seemed perfectly reasonable, as did MaMI for a lead role in "Rent," a show I've never seen. However, looking carefully after the occurrence of a "complete-without-bleat," I saw that I had in fact entered LatESET, which WTF? LIVESET is much more apt. This, on top of yesterday's mis-read, makes me think I might need to get my CEREBRO checked.

Here are today's clues that I raise an OAST to:
Crack (ADEPT)
In a pickle or in a jam (IDIOM)
Question following a holdup (AMILATE)
It's one thing after another (PARADE)
Squeezes into (SHOEHORNS) - an implement I make daily use of

I also liked CHITS, TIPTOE, and SCROOGE as fill. Of the two 12-square answers in the puzzle, I prefer RUNONESMOUTH, although, not as an activity. :) I've never heard of a FLOURBOMB, but I like the principle of it, for a protest, I mean. I wonder if anyone would respond to a flower bomb? CLARETRED seems redundant to me.


I don't usually comment on - or even notice, if I'm honest - the shape of the grid but it seemed unusual today. Also, did anyone else think the downs were more interesting than the acrosses - generally speaking, of course?



  1. 24:01
    It took me a bit longer than it did Frannie, but since I know of IVANDRAGO (and most of the remainder of the grid answers), I had no problems. SCROOGE took me awhile, but it helped immeasurably with the SE, and GANGRENE saved me in the SW, since I'd originally tried rOger where GOTIT belongs. GREENTAPE is funny, and a phrase I'd never heard, and HORMONE is an obvious but surprising answer for 44A Mood influencer. "Amazon Echo" fits where GOOGLEHOME belongs, another slight slowdown, and BLUEMOON isn't really all that rare, happening sometimes twice in a year. Sue and I stay in the LUCIA Lodge fairly regularly when out in CA, so that wasn't a problem. However, I'm not too familiar with CEREBRO, ARMBAR or the term SINBIN. I took no notice of whether the downs were more interesting than the acrosses while solving, but looking at the puzzle now, I would say it's a near draw.

  2. 13:54

    When's the last time BITOHONEY (an under-rated candy bar), or any other candy, offered a Rand McNally Moon Map? Wow.

    Frannie, I didn't like LIVESET any better than you did. I proudly dropped in setlisT, as if I had found a golden ticket, only to have to take it out soon after, ALAS.

    I've heard of "green-washing" but not GREENTAPE, and I hope to encounter both as little as possible. I second the love for SHOEHORNS (also under-rated), and my favorite today, PARADE. That clue is going into the "Favorites" list.

  3. Just discovered this blog and am enjoying it tremendously! We'll see when I get hold enough to do a post mortem!

  4. 13:54
    Hey, Horace, we're twinsies! Great grid with so much chunky goodness in the middle.