Monday, June 24, 2019

Monday, June 24, 2019, Ross Trudeau


I've had half of these maladies. Well, maybe I've even had a touch of the ol' FASHIONCRAZE, too. I mean, who doesn't enjoy getting nice clothes? I've been known to splurge on a shirt from time to time... Come to think of it, Frannie and I are making plans to visit Milan later this year - the fashion capital of Italy, if not all of Europe. I think I'd better stop in and get a booster shot before we leave!

And I had a pretty bad case of BEATLEMANIA when I was younger. I was born the same year that they gave their last live concert in the U.S. (not counting that rooftop thing), but they were still a pretty big deal all through my formative years.

And yeah... I had SPRINGFEVER up until about three days ago. :) But I've never cared the least bit about college sports. Not even when I was in college and actually playing for a college team! Ok, lacrosse and ultimate frisbee didn't really get the attention that football does, but still!

So a fun theme. And in the bonus Down slots we find more good things to SAVOR. POTTYMOUTHED (Spewing naughty language, as a child) might elicit a WHATNERVE ("Well, I never!") from those within earshot. IMPASSION is usually found in the past tense (see also: MIFF), but I'll let that pass, because I like that Mr. Trudeau is drawing attention to NOISELAWS (Peace-and-quiet ordinances). One of my pet peeves recently has been those back-up beepers on trucks. They are way too loud. Way. There are new broadband, or "white noise" beepers that are somewhat better. Pedestrians and bikers can more easily discern source direction with these, and they can be better heard through the hearing protection that some construction workers use. I hope that reforms come swiftly!

If we look closely, we may find a slight duplication in ITISSO and ARESO, or we could bristle at the inclusion of MINK (Stole fur) (indeed, stole from the poor animal!), and RIA, ONEA, and TARA are kind of crosswordsy, but I'm still giving it a slight thumbs up. The theme is good, and there's enough bonus fill.

- Horace


  1. 7:04 (on paper)
    I, too, enjoyed the theme; surprisingly good for a Monday. I don't know about ELTON being right over BEATLEMANIA, and BALDIE is certainly a bold entry. HARDC didn't fool me, for a change, and for shorter answers, FLIT and CLAD were quite nice. One expects a little junk on a Monday, but like Horace, I'd still give it an overall thumbs up.

  2. 3:55 (FWOE)
    I put eMPASSION in. WeT worked at a glance (not a glance at the clue, clearly). I think overall this is a fine Monday. I liked the really long down answers. ITISSO and ASDOI are strangely formal.

  3. LOL, the picture of Snagglepuss really brought back memories -- (as did BEATLE MANIA :-))thanks! Loved the puzzle, too.