Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday, June 10, 2019, Brad Wilbur


She's baaack!

For today's official theme, we have a set of phrases or places that end with an item often found in a PURSE, including FLORIDAKEYS and, my favorite, DRAMATICLICENSE. But, on the other hand, it seems Mr. Wilbur knew this would be my first review in a while as he ALIT on a number of my areas of interest, creating a second theme ONLY for me. It was something of an ALOHA moment to find within the grid SEWS (which I do), OTTER (a Bewhiskered river swimmer I find appealing), Tupperware, mentioned in the clue for LIDS (I have a collection of minis), EEYORE (an old favorite), PIAF (as in the great French singer, Edith - who seems to be making a comeback of sorts with a second puzzle appearance in a week), OREO (one of my favorite store-bought cookies), EARTH (big fan), WHAMO (Company that makes everyone's favorite projectile, Frisbees), and ECLAT (which I make where ever I go :).

I also liked CHEERY, OAFS, WOOS, SNORT, EGGON (even though I generally don't take an egg), FRO, and ANON. SLUE (Swivel around) was the last answer I completed. I guess I've run across it before, but I'm not too familiar with it.

There's a bit of crosswordese in the grid (URL, EPA, APR, DOCS, ITS, RDA), but most of it is inoffensive, with one exception. I've never been a fan of clues like "WSW's opposite" (26D). I know Monday puzzles are supposed to be easyish, but unless someone is having a really OFFDAY, the answer is such a gimme, the puzzle might as well be published with ENE already filled in.

That being said, I'd rather end on a CHEERY note and say that in SUM, it was a veritable grab bag of Frannie-friendly fill.



  1. SLUE is an old friend, crosswordese-wise. I say that partly because I would have spelled it slew prior to seeing the SLUE spelling in crosswords. Not a super common word, I suppose, but doesn't seem so obscure as to be unfair.

  2. 5:18 (paper)

    Fun theme. Didn't realize that it was spelled SHOOIN (I guess I thought you had to "shoe" someone in by giving them a swift kick!), and I, too, will have to add SLUE to the slew of other crosswordese that I've stashed away in the ol' NOB. Oh wait, NOB was in yesterday's not todays... :)

    p.s. AGOAT is pretty random, as the kids used to say.

  3. 3:40
    I like the idea of an ID card with a surprising picture on it being a DRAMATICLICENSE. On the other hand, reaching into your purse and pulling out a SANDIEGOCHARGER would be more than alarming!

  4. 6:03
    ANYHOW, do people still keep change (SHIFTCHANGE) in a purse? And are we going to start calling the Woo Sox the WOOS for short? I don't know about THEO (28D Letter you don't pronounce in "jeopardy" and "leopard"). Normally a "letter" clue's answer is just spelled out phonetically, no?