Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday, June 21, 2019, Robyn Weintraub


Ah, the turn (so nice to start using words that begin with vowels again!). Is there anything so pleasing to the crossword veteran as a well-constructed themeless? And Ms. Weintraub satisfies yet again. I've come to look forward to seeing her byline.

Things started out well in the NW with 14A: Big shot? (GROUPPHOTO). The QMC alerted me to the likelihood that this would entail photography. But two nice non-QMC clues in this area added to the enjoyment. First at 6D: A crowd, so to speak (THREE) - nicely done. And then I also liked the clue at 25D: Believe it! (CREDO).

This grid is well put together - note the wide open feeling sweeping down from the NW into the W and then across to the rest of the puzzle. It's helped by the pair of adjacent 10-letter and 11-letter answers that go down the west and east sides. And they're both excellent: AVANTGARDE next to TIEDTHEKNOT, and URBANLEGEND next to VOICEOVERS.

51A: Something relatively complicated? (FAMILYTREE) is lovely work. I was briefly confused here by having Burg at 47D: Cookout item, for short (BRAT).

32D: Game with lots of instructions (SIMONSAYS) is a real winner though, and I will add it to the favorite clue post.

Really nothing here to make me shade my UVEA and LENS from. I enjoyed the whole puzzle, and at the end, I got to stick a toothpick in my favorite sandwich, a BLT.

Thanks, Ms. Weintraub!

- Colum

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  1. 14:21
    This was a great one, for sure. Sue and I no longer take a BLT, but we do, on occasion, have an FLT, which we EATAT home on a DOILY. We do, however, still enjoy ROES on our sushi rolls, but not the deer variety. I had a slight slowdown near the middle when I entered manI instead of PEDI, but as one can see, it wasn't a long one. I'm going to start using EELY in conversation.