Friday, February 14, 2020

Friday, February 14, 2020, Daniel Larsen


Is it just me, or is there a theme here? We start with SCHRODINGERSCAT, for which, in the famous thought experiment, THEREISNOESCAPE. Sure, sometimes you will open the box, thinking the cat will be living, only to shout "No you ARENT!" But other times, just as you are learning to COPE, the eigenstate VALUE will be reversed, and INTHATCASE, you will SEE ol' ELI, or ALEC, or whatever you have named him, happily purring away. And really, this OPENSET is just one of the MICROCOSMS OVERLAIN the fabric of reality. They HINT THA everyone is a ONER in THIS world, and we AWL HAVE just one brief hour to TROT about the stage before "OAT, OAT, brief candle!" and then DEADCALM.

Gulf (and port!) of ADEN

Wow. Too much? IHOPE I have not alienated EVEN our loyal readers with my strange SONG. Perhaps I can blame it on LUNA, who has followed me across the water to the land of the EURO. Or is blaming Selene like blaming a STAR, and just as silly as a SPACEOPERA?

OMG! What a RAVEL my mind is!

Interesting word, RAVEL. As a noun, it means "a tangle," but as a verb it means "to untangle." So I will be a man of action and climb out of this SUMP.

The top went quickly, thanks to the gimmes of THESTOOGES (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band led by Iggy Pop) and TROT (Intermediate gait). The whole thing might have gone even faster for me had I not tried to spell the Austrian physicist's name with an "oe" instead of a simple "o."

It was a little sad being reminded of William BRENNAN, given the recent EBB of liberalism, but perhaps, one day, we'll open our eyes to SEE these DESPOTS gone. And when that happens, let's all dance!

Para bailar LABAMBA 
Para bailar LABAMBA
Se necessita una poca de gracia
Una poca de gracia
Para mi, para ti, ay arriba, ay arriba
Ay, arriba arriba
Por ti sere, por ti sere, por ti sere

Happy Valentine's Day!

- Horace


  1. 20:28
    This went pretty smoothly. SCHRODINGERSCAT was a gimme, as was MICROCOSMS and GIACOMO. I needed a few crosses for HOMEPLANET and OLDWELSH, but really, no problems here. I did try riga where EURO belongs (they got me!), but that was quickly corrected. Two thumbs up here. Astronomy, sci fi, physics, math, music: it doesn't get any better than that!

  2. Unlike Thursday, I completed Friday's crossword, albeit in two sessions. It was slow, but steady, going. Even though I have heard of Iggy Pop, I have never listened to his music. I was thinking "ordered pair" or "coordinates" rather than OPENSET. I had no idea Wonder Woman had a friend named ETTA. I remember watching some episodes from the 1970s. I have even caught a few episodes on MeTV. It is always nice to see a beautiful female (any female) without tattoos. Clues such as 19 and 20 Across are on my list of things that should not be in a crossword. MICROCOSMS reminded me of a sci-fi story by Theodore Sturgeon, "Microcosmic God", which I read a long time ago. I noticed ALEC appeared again. The two top-to-bottom vertical answers I found complementary. It took me a while to get the CAT answer until I recalled reading about it not too long ago. I got stuck in the left middle portion. I wrote in RIGA. I set the crossword aside until this morning when I realized that "Capital" was referring to money and not city. Once I replaced RIGA with EURO, the rest fell into place. I should have gotten AUDIOBOOKS sooner since I have three of them: The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man, and Fahrenheit 451. Ray Bradbury is my favorite author. Favorite phrases: Common Brittonic and OLDWELSH. I am not sure why.