Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday, February 28, 2020, Aimee Lucido


After yesterday's astounding puzzle, it was going to be hard to keep up the momentum on The Turn this week. But Ms. Lucido has put together a lovely themeless for today's Friday. It's filled with fun entries and clever clues. Not to mention one of the oddest bits of crossword trivia I've come across in years. Who knew that a TOAD was called Bufo bufo in scientificese? Not I, that's for sure.

I count fourteen answers in today's grid of at least eight letters. That's a nice haul, and only one of them, CONTAINING, is sort of boring. That's thirteen at least mildly sparkly longer answers, and some of them, like SHARKNADO and SIXTHSENSE (I liked the second movie much better than the first - but to be honest, I never saw the first). MAKEITRAIN is also a very fun answer.

We start the puzzle off with a great clue and answer with 1A: See the seasons pass quickly? (BINGEWATCH). Hah! That's great. And it's followed quickly by 14A: Something that requires thinking inside the box? (ESCAPEROOM). Good stuff.

Little touches make a puzzle leap up from good to great. Things like 18A: They're often high, but never dry (SEAS). Or 15A: What mustache-twirling might suggest (EVIL). Or how about 43A: Help wanted sign (SOS). Great non-QMC! It's how you turn even the smallest bit into something that makes you smile.

Of course we have much less interesting stuff, like EPH, RECUT and RELIGHT. And the clue at 41D is queeb inducing. Even though the novel is brilliant, it's subject matter is horrifying. I've been reading Kate Atkinson's latest Brodie Jackson novel, which is as always, completely brilliant. But her theme throughout these books is the ways in which young girls and women are used and discarded. At least #MeToo had a win this past week.

No EARTHSHATTERING insights today. Just admiration.

- Colum


  1. 21:54
    I had a little trouble down south, where I initially tried NeCk instead of NACL and TWo instead of TWI (I was thinking of the Two Lights State Park up in ME). I've had personal experience with both BINGEWATCH and ESCAPEROOM, but not anyone that MAKEITRAIN in my direction or, unless you count a couple of my earlier automobilesm, DEATHTRAPS. Solid Friday, and I'd recommend SHARKNADO to Colum, although maybe he still wouldn't like it as much as SIXTHSENSE.

  2. 12:34
    Yes, a nice meaty puzzle. Loved OHSTOP and MAKEITRAIN, and LOOTED (Like many Egyptian pyramids) was a surprising, and sad, answer.