Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday, April 24, 2020, John Guzzetta

28:11, FWOE

Readers, I was RASH, because in a rush, and I FWOEd again. This has not been my week! I couldn't understand what the clue "Round measures" was getting at, so I threw in an F - don't ask me what a 'fIRTH' of a pound is, because it isn't. I did come up with the correct, sort of, 'jIBE' for "Mock," but as you see, I was fixated on the alternate spelling, GIBE. Derp.

I liked IDAHOS for "Certain spuds," and BEDAMN for "Swear at" - is that even a real word? - but not so much "Clearheaded" for ALLTHERE. "They have little respect for brand names" (CATTLERUSTLERS) was very nice. OPENSATAB for "Prepares for the bar?" was amusing. I also enjoyed SKIRT for "Go around." The southeast was the most BUSY with fun fill. I enjoyed MINOTAUR, ARCHAISM, and TOMBOYS. I also enjoyed TOTHELAST and TIETACK.
By Rick Goldwaser from Flagstaff, AZ, USA - GnarlyUploaded by Hike395, CC BY 2.0,
Please hold your HISSES, but I really have to EXPEDITE today's review. STELAE later!



  1. 9:08, completed with Phoebe and Cece
    I always have difficulty with PESTOS vs PaSTaS. I put the latter in first, which made a couple of things difficult. Other than that I had two squares unfilled at the end, guessed at both, and got both right.
    IOLA? If you say so.
    GEER?! SHAGBARK?!? Woof.

  2. 24:32
    I'm with Colum on those oddities in the grid, and I'll even throw in a BRISTLECONEPINE, a type of tree of which I had, until this puzzle, not heard. I check my GIRTHS daily (well, singular, anyway), so that went in after a few crosses (RADII, IDED and SSN). MINOTAUR was great, as was the trivia on BORNEO, an island which I came very close to visiting while in Singapore a few years ago since it has the only city in the world crossed by the equator, Pontianak, but it was too expensive and we didn't have a lot of extra time, regardless. No huge slowdowns, although I tried PaSTaS at first where PESTOS belongs, too, but this ran a little longer than a normal Friday for me.

  3. ARCHAISM is the best word I've seen in a puzzle in a long, long time. I had all letters but the S, and still didn't get it for a while. The Ah-ha moment was quite satisfying.